SSA Board of Directors, Committees

Officers of the Board

Peter Shearer, President
Susan Hough, President-Elect
Andy Michael, Past President
Peggy Hellweg, Secretary **
Mitch Withers, Treasurer **

Board of Directors

Sergio Barrientos (2020)
Margaret Boettcher (2021)
Xyoli Pérez-Campos (2021)
Doug Dreger (2021)
Christine Goulet (2020)
Susan Hough (2019)
Meghan S. Miller (2019)
James J. Mori (2019)
Kate Scharer (2020)
Peter Shearer (2018)
John Townend (2019)
Bill Walter (2021)

Committees of the Board

Executive Committee
Peter Shearer, President
Susan Hough, President-Elect
Peggy Hellweg, Secretary

Management Committee
Peggy Hellweg
Jim Mori
Mitch Withers

Audit Committee
Kate Scharer (Chair)
Sergio Barrientos
Jim Mori
Mitch Withers (ex officio)

Budget Committee
Mitch Withers
Peggy Hellweg (representing the Executive Committee)

Communications Committee
Sue Hough (Chair)
Doug Dreger (ex officio)
Christine Goulet
Peggy Hellweg
Maurice Lamontagne
Julian Lozos
Dan McNamara
Beatrice Magnani
Zhigang Peng, SRL Editor (ex officio)
Jascha Polet
Thomas Pratt (ex officio)
Margarita Segou

Ethics Committee
Andy Michael, Past President and Chair
Bill Walter, Honors Committee Representative and Vice Chair
John Townend, Membership Committee Representative
Xyoli Pérez-Campos, Publications Committee Representative
Kate Scharer, Meetings Committee Representative
Jim Mori, Former Past President

Government Relations
Lisa Grant Ludwig (Chair)
John Anderson
Rick Aster
Peggy Hellweg
Keith Knudsen
Jim Mori
Stuart Nishenko
Linda Rowan
Woody Savage
Christa von Hillebrandt-Andrade
Bill Walter
Deborah Weiser
Mike West
Ray Willemann
Sue Hough, President-Elect (ex officio)
Peter Shearer, President (ex officio)

Honors Committee
Bill Walter (Chair)
Roland Burgmann
Anne Meltzer (Chair Reid Medal subcommittee)
Ved Lekic (Chair Richter Award subcommittee)
Monica Kohler (Chair Press Award subcommittee)
Susan Schwartz (Chair SSA Awards Encouragement Committee)

Investment Committee
Jim Mori (Chair)
Doug Dreger
Rob Graves
Paul Passmore
Bill Walter
Mitch Withers (ex officio)

Meetings Committee
Andy Michael (Chair)
Xyoli Pérez-Campos
Kate Scharer
John Townend
Jim Mori

Membership Committee
Christine Goulet (Chair)
Laurie Baise
Sergio Barrientos
Jeff Bayless
Eric Calais
Ruth Harris
James Kaklamanos
Beatrice Magnani
Andy Michael
Kenny Ryan
Nilesh Shome
John Townend

Publications Committee
Doug Dreger (Chair)
Xyoli Pérez-Campos
Martin Chapman
Sue Hough
Jessica Murray
Peter Shearer
John Townend
Andy Michael (ex officio)
Kim Olsen (ex officio)
Zhigang Peng (ex officio)
Thomas Pratt (ex officio)