Student Presentation Awards

In order to help identify outstanding work by SSA student members, the SSA Board initiated the Student Presentation Award. The award will be given for an excellent poster presentation or talk at each Annual Meeting. The award may be given to 0-15% of the presenting students at the meeting, based upon an absolute standard of excellence and criteria developed by the Student Presentation Subcommittee of the Honors Committee. At the time of the presentation each award winner must be registered as a student and also must be a Student Member of SSA in good standing. All student presenters will be considered eligible for the award. Students, to help identify yourself as an eligible student presenter, be sure to check the relevant box on your abstract submission for the Annual Meeting.

2016 Winners

The SSA Student Presentation Awards recognize excellence in student poster presentations or talks at the annual meeting. The award is given to up to 15% of the number of students presenting at the annual meeting whose presentations meet absolute criteria that cover the quality of both content and presentation. The 2016 SSA Student Presentation Awards were given based on evaluation by the Student Award subcommittee, co-chaired by Annie Kell and Bill Hammond (University of Nevada Reno), who were assisted by dozens of evaluators among the conference attendees. From among a total of 140 student presentations evaluated at the 2016 SSA Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada, the subcommittee chose the following 5 for recognition. Clcik abstract titles to read the presentation abstract. Where available, links are also provided to slidecasts of the presentations (SSA username & password required to view slidecasts).

[Photo of Karianne Bergen]Karianne Bergen
Stanford University

Data Mining for Earthquake Detection using Computationally Efficient Search for Similar Seismic Signals                    [ View Slidecast ]

K. J. Bergen, C. E. Yoon, G. C. Beroza

[Photo of Moises Buelna]Moises Buelna
Cal Poly

Numerical Modeling of Surface Fault Rupture in Reverse Events [ View Slidecast ]

M. Buelna, R. E. S. Moss

[Photo of Emily Morton]Emily Morton
New Mexico Tech

Cascadia Seismogenic Zone Earthquake Detection and Location [ View Slidecast ]

E. A. Morton, S. L. Bilek, C. A. Rowe

[Photo of Mosatafa Mousavi]Mostafa Mousavi
University of Memphis

Hybrid Seismic Denoising Using Higher Order Statistics and Improved Wavelet Block Thresholding

S. M. Mousavi, C. A. Langston