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Eastern Section

SSA Members may join the Eastern Section of SSA.

EERI Affiliation

SSA members who elect to associate with the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) will receive EERI's bi­-weekly e­‐newsletter, semi­‐annual magazine publication, and special member rates for EERI meetings, conferences, publications, and audiovisual materials. Associates will be included in and have access to the EERI membership roster.

Those members of SSA seeking full benefits of EERI membership should join EERI as a regular member (for more information see the EERI website).

Contribute to the Seismological Society of America

The Seismological Society of America is a non-profit organization that is able to continue to provide member services in part because of the generosity of SSA members and non-members.

Our ability to advance seismology depends on your support. Please give generously to one of SSA's funds.

Student Travel

Support students with travel grants to attend the SSA Annual Meeting, giving them a chance to join and advance in our community.
General Fund

Support new and ongoing programs in publishing, meetings and communications. Help SSA broaden the reach of the scientific content published in SSA's journals and delivered at its annual meeting. Your contributions to the SSA General Fund make it possible to explore new ways to serve the community.
Geo-CVD Travel Fund

Support student participation in Geosciences Congressional Visits Day, held annually to raise awareness about the geosciences among policymakers. Decision-makers need to hear from geoscientists, and students need to learn how to advocate on behalf of our community. Help make this possible with your donation.
Joyner Fund

Donate to the William B. Joyner Memorial Fund, which supports a lecture series that fosters the exchange of information at the interface of earthquake science and earthquake engineering.
Kanamori Fund

Provide professional development opportunities for students and seismologists of all ages and support SSA's ability to move quickly in pursuit of new program ideas on behalf of the community. Named in honor of Hiroo Kanamori, the Kanamori Fund has made possible special workshops and helped support travel grants to SSA meetings from countries that are members of the European Seismological Commission.
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