Eastern Section SSA

Eastern Section SSA

The Eastern Section SSA is a separately incorporated technical section of the Seismological Society of America (SSA). It is focused on advancing the science of the seismology of Eastern North America and intraplate seismology.

Collected here are some short notes on the history and activities of the EASTERN SECTION of the Seismological Society of America (SSA).

History and Recent Incorporation
by Eastern Section President David W Eaton (from SRL 80:2, May/June 2009)

Current Officers

Bylaws of the Eastern Section

2017 Annual Meeting

The 89th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Section of SSA will be held 8–10 October 2017 in Norman, Oklahoma, hosted by the University of Oklahoma.

2016 Annual Meeting
From the Mantle to the Surface: Joint Meeting of the Eastern Section of the Seismological Society of America and NGA-East

The 2016 Eastern Section SSA Annual Meeting, to be be held 24–26 October 2016 in Reston, Virginia, will be a joint meeting with NGA-East and will focus on a combination of geophysical studies being carried out using the USARRAY and other eastern U.S. data and ground motions in the eastern U.S. Special sessions might include studies that utilize the eastern U.S. portion of the USARRAY, studies of faults, seismicity and crustal structure in the eastern U.S., and ground motion studies. For more information please visit the meeting home page.

2015 Annual Meeting

The 87th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Section of SSA was held 6-8 October 2015 in Memphis, Tennessee, hosted by the University of Memphis.

2014 Annual Meeting

The 86th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Section of SSA was held 2–4 November in Charleston, South Carolina, hosted by the College of Charleston. 

2013 Annual Meeting

2012 Annual Meeting

2011 Annual Meeting

2010 Annual Meeting

2009 Annual Meeting

History of the Eastern Section
Prepared by the 1999 ES-SSA Executive Committee</h4>

Past Officers

The Jesuit Contribution to Seismology

The Jesuit Seismological Association Award for Contributions to Observational Seismology

Open or download the JSA Award Nomination Form [PDF; 95 KB]

Save this PDF form to your computer, then fill it in using Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, or another PDF-form capable program (alternatively, you may print it out, fill it in using a pen or typewriter, then scan it). Email the completed form to the ES-SSA secretary, Zhigang Peng, at zpeng@gatech.edu. Nominations must be received by 15 July to be considered for this year's award.

Note: The seismogram in the above logo is of the 5 September 1944, 04:38 UT Cornwall-Massena earthquake recorded at Georgetown University, Washington, DC.