SRL Call for Papers

The OSIRIS-REx Re-entry

Seismological Research Letters (SRL) is soliciting papers for a Focus Section on the OSIRIS-REx Re-entry.

The 24 September 2023 re-entry of NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Sample Return Capsule (SRC) was only the fifth re-entry from interplanetary space since the end of the Apollo era. It provided a unique opportunity to geophysically observe an ‘artificial meteor’ with known dimensions, speed, and mass. A diverse set of institutions utilized a large number of instruments, including but not limited to, nodal seismic arrays, ground and airborne acoustic sensors, distributed acoustic sensing, GPS sounding, and ionosphere Doppler sounding to record the object’s passage through the atmosphere. Results from these studies have implications for the remote detection and characterization of meteoroids and high-speed artificial objects (e.g., re-entry, orbital debris) on Earth and may inform mission concepts for planetary exploration (e.g., Venus, Mars, Titan, Jupiter). We invite contributions that emphasize geophysical observations of the OSIRIS-REx SRC re-entry and similar events and discuss their broad scientific implications for remote sensing on Earth and beyond.

Guest Editors for this Special Issue:

Deadline for Submission: 6 January 2025

Articles accepted to this SRL Focus Section on Statistical Seismology and Probabilistic Earthquake Forecasting will be published online soon after acceptance and collectively in print in the July 2025 issue. Papers will be reviewed as they are received and published online prior to the print issue.

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