Eastern Section-SSA 2018 Technical Conference

Call for Session Proposals for the 2018 Joint Meeting of the CGU, CSSS, CIG, ES-SSA and CSAFM

Niagara Falls, ON, 10–14 June, 2018

The 2018 Joint Meeting of the CGU (Canadian Geophysical Union), CSSS (Canadian Soil Science Society), CIG (Computational Infrastructure in Geodynamics), ES-SSA (Eastern Section of the Seismological Society of America) and CSAFM (Canadian Society for Agricultural and Forest Meteorology) will be held in Niagara Falls, Ontario, 10-14 June 2018. More detailed information will be posted as it becomes available on the Joint Meeting website at https://meeting2018.cgu-ugc.ca.

The theme of the Joint Meeting, which reflects a range of scientific interests, is Discovery and Scientific Progress Together, and scientific sessions are being invited for all areas of interest encompassed by the partner organizations. At this time, we are inviting interested members of all societies to propose and to take the lead on organizing scientific sessions. We also encourage the proposal of sessions covering subjects that may attract interest across two or more partner societies.

To plan a session for the 2018 Joint Meeting, please submit your proposal, using the template below, to niagara2018JM [at] gmail.com. The proposal should include the concise session title, contact information and affiliation of the proposed session conveners or co-conveners, a short paragraph of up to 200 words describing the scientific content of the session, and the intended partner organization(s) audience. All session proposals should be received by January 15, 2018 by 11:59 pm eastern time. Notifications of accepted session proposals will be made by late January 2018. On-line abstract submissions will be due in early March 2018.

For session organizer/chair duties, we would anticipate that you would then encourage your contacts to submit abstracts for that session, would lead decisions on acceptance and scheduling of abstracts as oral and/or poster platform presentations, and would chair or co-chair the running of that session at the Joint Meeting. Sessions will be organized into 11⁄2-hour blocks of six 15-minute presentations (abstracts), or organizers may allot 30-minutes for an invited lead speaker and four 15-minute presentations. Poster sessions will also be part of the scientific program. Final decisions on whether an oral session will be convened and the total number of oral and poster sessions on a particular topic will be a function of the number of abstracts submitted to the session. Note that the Joint Meeting does not cover travel expenses for invited speakers associated with proposed sessions.

Scientific and plenary sessions of the Joint Meeting will take place from Monday, June 11 through Thursday, June 14 2018. Any particular demand in terms of workshops, business meetings, courses and other Joint Meeting-related events may be accommodated but are dependent on available space. For such requests, please contact the Local Organizing Committee at niagara2018JM [at] gmail.com.

For more information, contact Oliver Boyd at olboyd [at] usgs.gov


Session proposal template:

  1. Follow the font, font size and format as included in the example below.
  2. Provide a concise and informative title for your proposed session.
  3. Provide the name of at least one convener (the person or persons responsible for proposing the session). If more than one convener, underline the convener that will serve as the primary communication contact. Superscript-number convener names for association with their affiliation.
  4. Provide the name of at least one Chair or Co-chair. This is the person or persons who will chair the session at the Joint Meeting. This may be the same person or persons listed as convener(s).
  5. Provide the affiliation, address and email address of all conveners.
  6. Under “Session Description” explain the type and expected content of your proposed session. Provide specifics that you feel are important to the description, but limit the description to a maximum of 200 words. Most sessions will be more specific than the example below.
  7. Under “Primary Affiliation” choose a lead partner organization associated with the conference and a section of that organization, if applicable.
  8. If you are submitting a proposal that is intended to be jointly offered across partner organizations or across sections within organizations, please indicate the partner organization and/or section under “Joint Session Submission”.
  9. Once complete, delete this highlighted portion and submit your proposal to niagara2018JM [at] gmail.com using the convention surname_primaryaffiliation_JM18.docx. For the example below, this would be: Mitchell_CGUbiogeosciences_JM18.docx.


Proposed Session Title: General Biogeosciences
Conveners: Carl Mitchell1

Co-chairs: Carl Mitchell

1Physical & Environmental Sciences, University of Toronto Scarborough, Toronto, ON, M1C 1A4 E-mail: carl.mitchell [at] utoronto.ca

Session Description

This session will highlight the diversity of research investigating the biogeoscience/biogeochemical functioning of ecosystems. Presentations discussing all aspects of biogeosciences research from recent advances in understanding the fundamental mechanisms underlying processes shaping landscapes to novel methods for modelling them and approaches for monitoring them via both field and remote techniques are encouraged. Sample topics include integrative approaches to describe biogeoscience processes in both natural and managed ecosystems; characterizing measurement and modelling uncertainty in complex and heterogeneous landscapes; scaling linked water/nutrient/element/sediment exchange processes; determining the impacts of changing climate or land use on water/nutrient/element/sediment exchange processes across ecosystems; identifying and evaluating the effects of drought and other extreme weather phenomena on ecosystem form and function; developing novel and improved sensor systems and measurement techniques; and, diagnosing the effects of biota on driving change in landscape form or hydro-biogeochemical functioning.

Primary Affiliation: CGU, Biogeosciences

Joint Session Submission: none