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SSA Journals provide your users with vital access to the best and most current scientific research in seismology!

The Seismological Society of America (SSA) is mission-driven to publish high-impact papers that advance earthquake science worldwide. We accomplish this by publishing three of the leading journals in Seismology –

The Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (BSSA)

Seismological Research Letters (SRL)

The Seismic Record (TSR)

All three journals are vital for your collection and give your researchers current, relevant information on seismic tools, technology and research authored by leaders in the field.

A subscription to SSA journals provides users with immediate access to:

  • Timely research on current and applicable seismological events
  • Groundbreaking special issues
  • Access to the complete archives dating back to 1911 for BSSA and 1929 for SRL for deeper exploration

To subscribe to SSA journals or renew your subscription,

please email or call +1-510-525-5474

Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (BSSA) Seismological Research Letters (SRL) The Seismic Record (TSR)
BSSA Volume 113 Issue 2 Cover SRL Volume 94 Issue 3 Cover The Seismic Record Volume 3 Issue 2 Cover
BSSA is the premier journal of advanced research in earthquake seismology and related disciplines. BSSA publishes original papers advancing our understanding of seismology and seismic hazard analyses, as well as review articles summarizing important research topics. BSSA’s format allows papers to fully explore research topics in detail.

  • Print ISSN: 0037-1106
  • Online ISSN: 1943-3573
  • 2022 Impact Factor: 3.0
SRL is a peer-reviewed journal that seeks to publish informative articles for a broad scientific audience, highlighting recent seismic events and contemporary topics (e.g., induced seismicity, large-N deployments, nuclear tests).  Periodic “Focus Sections” present a collection of papers on topics of special and timely interest to the community.

  • Print ISSN: 0895-0695
  • Online ISSN: 1938-2057
  • 2022 Impact Factor: 3.3
The Seismic Record (TSR) publishes short peer-reviewed articles on the breadth of seismology and earthquake science. The articles, each no more than six published pages in total, cover recent events and current topics of strong significance, warranting rapid peer review and publication. TSR is SSA’s first fully open-access journal and is online only. TSR’s mission is to respond rapidly to recent events and current topics.

  • Online ISSN: 2694-4006
TSR is an open-access journal with no subscription fee. Click here to view APC rates.

BSSA Volume 114 – 2024 Subscription Rates

Includes online access during the subscription period to the entire BSSA electronic edition (1911 to present)

2024 BSSA SUBSCRIPTION RATES  Online Print + Online, US  Print + Online, Outside US
(Except India) 
Print + Online, India
Higher Ed Small (<5,000 FTEs) $833 $936 $1,035 $1,120
Higher Ed Medium (5,001-25,000 FTEs) $856 $959 $1,058 $1,143
Higher Ed Large (>25,000 FTEs) $892 $994 $1,093 $1,180
Research Institution or Government Agency $892 $994 $1,093 $1,180
Community College $377 N/A N/A N/A
Priority Mail Shipping N/A $130 $190 $190


SRL Volume 95 – 2024 Subscription Rates

Includes online access during the subscription period to the entire SRL electronic edition (1929 to present)

2024 SRL SUBSCRIPTION RATES   Online   Print + Online, US   Print + Online, Outside US
(Except India) 
 Print + Online, India 
Higher Ed Small (<5,000 FTEs) $438 $536 $638 $723
Higher Ed Medium (5,001-25,000 FTEs) $504 $606 $704 $791
Higher Ed Large (>25,000 FTEs) $660 $768 $866 $952
Research Institution or Government Agency $660 $768 $866 $952
Community College $119 N/A N/A N/A
Priority Mail Shipping N/A $130 $190 $190


Subscription Terms and Conditions

The charts above provide an overview of the SSA subscription rates for our subscription journals – BSSA and SRL. As you review the rates, please note the following:

  • Tiers –
    • For academic institutions, FTE includes all students of your institution, regardless of area of study, and faculty.
    • For all others, including Research Institutions, Corporations, and Government Agencies, FTE is calculated by the number of employees at the facility.
  • Site License – All subscription rates are per-site/single site. Please contact if you need multi-site license information.
  • Subscription Term – All institutional subscriptions begin January 1 and end December 31 of each year, regardless of payment date.
  • Coverage – Subscriptions include access to the current year published content, plus backfile access back to volume 1 for the term of the subscription.
  • Shipping –  For print subscriptions, shipping is included in subscription rates. Subscribers may opt to pay extra for priority shipping as noted in the rate chart.
  • Combination Discount – Subscribers who order both BSSA and SRL together are eligible for a $25 discount off the package. Contact us if you’d like to subscribe to both journals.
  • Refunds – No refunds will be issued after the first issue has been published.

How to Subscribe to SSA Journals

Renewal notices are sent to existing subscribers or your designated agent starting in the fall of each year. To request a separate renewal notice or an invoice for a new order, please contact

If you would like to subscribe to BSSA and SRL for the remainder of 2023, please see subscription rates here, and contact to purchase a subscription.

Payment Options

Prepayment in US dollars via wire transfer, credit card or check is required to activate your subscription.

Wire Transfer

Credit Card


  • All checks should be made payable to the Seismological Society of America. To pay by check, please include a printed copy of the renewal notice, write the renewal notice number in the check memo, and mail it to:

Seismological Society of America c/o Subscriptions

400 Evelyn Avenue, Suite 201

Albany, CA 94706-1375 USA 

Accessing Your Online Subscription

IP Access

Access is provided through IP address registration. If you are a subscriber to BSSA and SRL and have already registered your IP addresses, you can access the journals directly from our websites at:

The Seismic Record (TSR) is a fully Open Access journal and can be accessed without subscription at:

Registering or Updating your IP addresses

To register IP addresses for the first time or to add IP addresses to an existing account, please send an email to with the information you would like to register or update.

Usage Reports

To request a copy of the usage reports for your institution, please contact Note: SSA is COUNTER 5 compliant.

Still have access questions?

For all other access questions or further assistance with your subscription, please email

Open Access Options

SSA offers a green open access option for articles published in BSSA and SRL.

The Seismic Record (TSR) is a fully Open Access journal and can be accessed without subscription at


If you did not receive an issue of BSSA or SRL that was included with your subscription, or the issue arrived damaged, please file a claim by sending an email to

Claims for BSSA and SRL will be accepted after 8 weeks for US addresses, 10 weeks for addresses in Europe and the Americas and 12 weeks for addresses in Asia or Oceania.

The claim period lasts 120 days following the original shipping date of the issue. Claims will be accepted only 2 times per journal issue. If a claim is submitted for an issue after the claim period has closed, or the number of claims exceeds the 2-claim per journal issue limit, the claim will not be accepted.

Single-Issue Orders

Print copies of past issues are available for both BSSA and SRL. Please contact for pricing and availability.