BSSA & SRL Publication Fees

Publication charges are based on the final number of printed pages in the journal. Additional costs may be charged to authors who introduce substantive changes late in the production process.

Fee Structure:

Pages 1 – 6 $700 flat fee
Pages 7 – 12 $150 per page
Pages 13+ $275 per page
Color Charge $250 per per color figure in print (online-only color is free)
Electronic Supplement $120

Some special features/columns in SRL do not incur page charges. Click here for a list.

Authors can estimate the number of journal pages by using this formula:

(# of ms words / 1100) + [(# of figures* + # of tables) X 0.45]

*each part of a multi-part figure should be counted as a figure when using the page estimation formula. For example, Figure 1 (a), (b), and (c) equals three figures.

Color Charges for Print

Articles with color figures have two options:

(1) Both Publication Charges and Color Charges Will Be Paid. If you choose this option, you will be able to select which of the color figures submitted should appear in color in the printed journal, and which of the color figures should appear in grayscale in print but in color online (any figure submitted in color will appear in color in the online version). Before choosing this option, please carefully review SSA’s publication charges. Each figure the author identifies to print in color will incur a fee of $250 per figure. This option requires page and color charges.

(2) Only Publication Charges Will Be Paid. All color figures submitted will appear online in color, and in grayscale in the printed journal. There are no color charges for color online only. Authors are responsible for submitting color figures that are understandable when converted to grayscale for the print version and any text references, figure legends, and captions should be written so they are appropriate for online viewing (in color) and in the print version (grayscale). For information on preparing figures, see SSA Art Guidelines. If you choose this option of color online and grayscale in print, it is essential that you review the Tutorial on Producing Online-Only Color Figures from the SSA Art Guidelines.

Authors may not change their color option after acceptance.


Offprints are reprints of an article printed on the same paper type and printing process that creates the print journal, with or without covers. The title of the article appears on page 1 even if it appears on an even-numbered page in the journal. Authors may order offprints at the time final proofs are approved.

Offprint Pricing

Charges are calculated based on page length and number of copies. Additional charges apply for color figures, offprint covers, and shipping outside North America.


The corresponding author (or someone designated by the corresponding author during the submission process who confirms responsibility for the costs) will be billed for publication charges after the final proof of the article is approved by the corresponding author. For billing questions, please contact SSA Headquarters via telephone at (510) 525-5474 or via email at Advance estimated invoices for publication charges may be requested by contacting the editorial office of either BSSA or SRL.

The author is responsible for all fees based on the final article length. In cases where the estimate differs from the final amount due, a second invoice will be issued to the author.

Pay Page Charges Online

Authors may pay by credit card (Amex, MC and Visa) online.

Publication Charge Policy

The Seismological Society of America requests that institutions supporting research share in the cost of publicizing the results of that research. The Editor has the discretion of reducing publication charges for authors who do not have grant support or institutional financial support, as documented by the authors in a formal letter. As a non-profit society, SSA limits the number of waived pages that are published each year; papers with reduced page charges are limited in length and there are limitations on the number of waivers allowed per author.

Requests to waive page charges must be made at time of submission. If a waiver request is not made at time of submission and granted, then authors are responsible for all page charge fees.

These rules apply for papers that receive waived page charges for BSSA and SRL:

  • A waiver must be requested at the time of submission on official university/institutional letterhead;
  • An author may request only one waiver every two years, regardless of whether the paper is accepted or rejected. If a waiver request is submitted, then all co-authors are considered to have requested the waiver.
  • No more than 12 pages will be waived per paper.  If the paper is longer than 12 pages, each additional page will be billed at $275 per page. The corresponding authors review and approval of article proofs is agreement to pay any excess charges.
  • If publication charges have been reduced, all figures will be printed in grayscale in the printed journal.
  • Members of the editorial boards and members of the SSA Board of Directors are not eligible for waivers.