BSSA Call for Papers

BSSA Call for Papers: Special Issue on the 2019 Ridgecrest, California, Earthquake Sequence

The Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (BSSA) is soliciting papers for a Special Issue on the 2019 Ridgecrest, California, Earthquake Sequence.

The Ridgecrest, California, Earthquake Sequence included a M6.4 foreshock on July 4, followed 34 hours later by a M7.1 mainshock, with tens of thousands of smaller aftershocks and over 70 km of surface rupture on multiple faults.  This was the most significant earthquake sequence in southern California in 20 years, and the first large events since the major upgrade of the Southern California Seismic Network in recent years as part of the Earthquake Early Warning project.  Remote-sensing imagery is available from a number of satellites and other platforms.  The sequence raises numerous questions related to fault interactions, distributed faulting, near- and far-field ground motions, near-field damage, earthquake triggering, early warning algorithms, and seismic hazard and seismotectonics of the Eastern California Shear Zone.  BSSA welcomes contributions to the Special Issue that focus on these and other scientific aspects of this sequence.

Guest editors for the BSSA Special Issue on the Ridgecrest Earthquake are:

Timothy Dawson (California Geological Survey)

Susan Hough (U.S. Geological Survey)

Zachary Ross (California Institute of Technology).

Deadline for submission of manuscripts: 17 January 2020

Papers submitted earlier will be reviewed as they are received. Papers will be published online upon acceptance and will be collected into an issue of BSSA planned for summer 2020.

Submit your paper under “Ridgecrest Earthquake” in the “Section” category in BSSA’s online submission system ( Authors should follow BSSA’s author guidelines at:

Address questions about scientific issues to the guest editors or BSSA Editor-in-Chief Thomas Pratt at Address questions about submission to Manuscript Coordinator Betty Schiefelbein at

Seismological Research Letters is also seeking submissions for a Data Mine focus section on the Ridgecrest earthquakes.