Corporate Members

Corporate membership in the Seismological Society of America was established to provide an opportunity for institutions to demonstrate their commitment to seismology and related disciplines. Corporate members are listed prominently on the inside back cover of our world-class journals and profiled below. Interested in joining this illustrious list? Learn more about the benefits of corporate membership here or contact SSA at (510) 525-5474.

Bechtel Corporation

P.O. Box 193965, San Francisco, CA 94119

Bechtel is one of the world’s largest engineering-construction firms. Founded in 1898, Bechtel provides premier technical, management, and directly related services to develop, manage, engineer, build, and operate installations for customers worldwide. Many of the objectives of the Seismological Society of America, such as promoting public safety and showing that it is reasonably practicable and economical to build for security from earthquake damage, are in close accord with Bechtel’s vision and values.

Degenkolb Engineers

Kyle Holt, 235 Montgomery Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94104

ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company

Andrea Cato, Technical Information Center, 22777 Springwoods Village Parkway, Houston, TX 77252-2189

GeoSIG Ltd

Reza Ghadim, Wiesenstrasse 39, 8952 Schlieren, Switzerland

GeoSIG provides earthquake, seismic, structural, dynamic and static monitoring and measuring solutions for use in various market segments inclusive of seismic and earthquake monitoring, nuclear power stations, dams, bridges, tunnels and buildings. GeoSIG has developed a large variety of high quality Seismic and Earthquake Recorders, Sensors and Civil Engineering Monitoring Systems and Networks. These highly versatile products in terms of features, functions, quality and reliability are produced at an optimum price performance ratio. The design and development of all GeoSIG systems are centred on obtaining the credibility of being associated with being Swiss made, with thousands of instruments and systems supplied since 1992 and in operation around the world.

GeoSIG has a focus on quality having met ISO 9001:2008 with certificate no CH 2117.

Geotech Instruments, LLC

Gilbert Santana, 2418 Executive Drive, Garland, TX 75041


Will Reis, 3 Midas House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Reading RG7 8EA, United Kingdom

Güralp has been developing revolutionary force-feedback broadband seismic instrumentation for more than thirty years. Our sensors are used worldwide by academic, public, governmental and private organisations to understand, protect and explore our world.

All of our sensors employ the principle of negative force feedback loop to minimize the motion of the mass, and keep it centred within the seismometer casing. This technology vastly extends the bandwidth and linearity of the seismometer, recording seismic signals with long periods of over 300 seconds to over 100 Hz.

Güralp broadband sensors record seismic events and seismic signals of all kinds, from teleseismic events occurring on the other side of the planet, to microseismic events induced by unconventional hydrocarbon extraction (e.g. hydraulic fracturing). Our high fidelity digitisers ensure that these signals are recorded with the highest resolution and accurate timing.

Our range of products and services meet the most complex of requirements for deployment in the most challenging circumstances. We are always developing new ways of engineering this tried and trusted precision technology into smaller and more advanced casings. You will find Güralp instruments gathering seismic data in the harshest of environments, from the Antarctic ice sheet; to boreholes 100s of metres deep; to the world’s most active volcanoes and deepest ocean trenches.


77 Van Dam Street, Suite 9, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Known for its extensive experience in earthquake, tsunami, and volcano monitoring; early warning systems; nuclear test and proliferation analysis; and mining and energy production, ISTI is an international company that specializes in geophysical and other scientific software systems development and research. ISTI’s clients include some of the largest research institutions, government organizations, and companies in the world.

Kinemetrics, Inc.

Kinemetrics is the world leader in the innovative design, quality manufacturing and timely supply of earthquake monitoring equipment, systems and solutions, where reliability, flexibility and cost effectiveness are important. Kinemetrics has 49 years of experience in providing seismologists and structural engineers with the highest standard instrumentation. “Advancement Through Innovation”, see

Lettis Consultants International, Inc.

Jeffrey Unruh, 1000 Burnett Avenue, Suite 350, Concord, CA 94520

Lettis Consultants International, Inc. (LCI) offers high-technology, innovative earth science consulting services to clients around the world. LCI geologists, seismologists, and engineers have comprehensive worldwide experience providing seismic hazard analyses, engineering geology and geotechnical services, water resources expertise, and licensing and regulatory strategy and compliance. We have conducted numerous state-of-the-art studies in support of seismic analysis and design for critical facilities (pipelines, dams, nuclear plants, penstocks, hospitals, commercial buildings, bridges). Our professionals bring the methods, technical expertise, and focus on quality developed from over 150 years of combined consulting experience to meet our clients’ objectives in a manner that reflects our strong belief that good science and good engineering result in the best, informed decision-making for facility owners and operators.


Nanometrics is an award-winning company providing monitoring solutions and equipment for studying man-made and natural seismicity. Headquartered in Kanata, Ontario, with offices and representatives worldwide, Nanometrics has over 30 years’ experience, delivering solutions to customers across the globe. Our real-time and portable seismic systems are utilized by the world’s leading scientific institutions, universities and major corporations. Our pedigree is founded on precision instrumentation, network technology and software applications for seismological and environmental research. We specialize in collecting and analyzing critical real-time data for global, regional and local seismic networks. We deliver world-class network design, installation and training services throughout the globe in a safety conscious environment.

Puerto Rico Strong Motion Program

P.O. Box 9041, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico 00681

REF TEK®, a Trimble Brand

Leonid Zimakov, 5217 Tennyson Parkway, Suite 400, Plano, TX 75024

REF TEK®, a Trimble Brand provides low noise broadband seismometers, high resolution seismic and strong motion recorders, accelerometers and software for seismic and earthquake engineering turn-key monitoring systems to government, scientific research and structural monitoring organizations. The systems are used for earthquake hazard mitigation, emergency response and warning assessment, construction code and land use planning as well as oil, gas and mining exploration. To learn more, contact REF TEK at


Nilesh Shome, 7575 Gateway Blvd., Newark, CA 94560

RMS is the world’s leading provider of products, services, and expertise for the quantification and management of catastrophe risk. More than 400 leading insurers, reinsurers, trading companies, and other financial institutions rely on RMS models to quantify, manage, and transfer risk. As an established provider of risk modeling to companies across all market segments, RMS provides solutions that can be trusted as reliable benchmarks for strategic pricing, risk management, and risk transfer decisions.

Seismology Research Centre

Adam Pascale, 141 Palmer Street, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

The Seismology Research Centre (SRC) was founded in 1976 as an earthquake monitoring and research group in RMIT University before moving to private industry in 1998. Specialising in structural, microseismic and regional monitoring networks, from the outset the SRC has developed earthquake data processing and management software, as well as developing their own seismic recorders, with the user experience and simplicity considered as high a priority as the technical capabilities of the systems. Operating an observatory with around 100 stations over an area of almost 2 million square kilometres, the SRC has serviced the water, dams, energy industries for over 40 years. With unique developments such as the Quick Quake iPad app, the Gecko seismograph and eqServer, SRC is dedicated to innovation to enable earthquake researchers and emergency managers to concentrate on their tasks, not on data management.

Weir-Jones Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Iain Weir-Jones, 598 East Kent Ave. South, Vancouver, BC V5X 4V6, Canada

The Company was founded in 1971 to provide specialized structural and geomechanical monitoring and testing services to the resource and transportation sectors. The Company’s capabilities subsequently expanded in the areas of data processing and testing system design, the application of this expertise has been extended considerably, notably in the fields of structural integrity monitoring for heavy structural, energy and offshore systems. The Company has its headquarters in Vancouver and has been active in projects in 55 countries. The Company has maintained branch offices in St. John’s, Newfoundland; Fort McMurray, Alberta; and Oakville, Ontario. Typically more than 90 percent of the Company’s projects incorporate elements of system design, data acquisition, system planning, data collection, analysis, and redesign. Clients typically retain the Company on a project basis in order to characterize a problem, develop a solution, and evaluate its effectiveness.

Special Capabilities of Weir-Jones: Structural integrity assessments, Forensic engineering and failure analysis, Structural health monitoring system installation and related supervision on offshore structures, Installation services for instrumentation and monitoring systems on fixed and mobile structures as well as pipelines, In situ testing and monitoring on natural and man-made structures, Static and dynamic stress measurement, testing and analysis, Vibration analysis on rotating and reciprocating equipment, Calibration and testing to ISO, CSA, MIL standards, and Ground stabilization by freezing, grouting and reinforcing.