SSA Embargo Policy

SSA’s embargo policy is designed to ensure broad, accurate and quality coverage of author contributions in the press and through social media.

SSA encourages authors’ institutions to work with the media and bring attention to the science published in our journals. In order to be fair to all reporters, the embargo policy seeks to coordinate public relations activities related to papers published in SRL, BSSA and TSR:

  • No news coverage of the paper can appear anywhere before 12 Noon Eastern U.S. Time on the day before the paper’s publication online or in print, whichever comes first.
  • Authors are welcome to present the results of their upcoming papers at professional meetings to colleagues. If the paper has been accepted for publication, authors are asked to contact SSA at  in advance of the presentation.
  • Authors with papers pending at BSSA, SRL and TSR may give interviews on the work prior to publication if the journalist agrees to abide by the embargo.
  • Please do not participate in news conferences until after 11 AM Eastern U.S. Time the day before publication.

Please address any questions about the embargo policy to Becky Ham at The embargo policy is referenced in email to authors upon acceptance of their papers for publication.