SSA Open Access Policy

The Seismological Society of America allows for Open Access of papers published in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America and Seismological Research Letters under the following conditions:

  1. Authors who wish to post the PDF version of their article on a personal or institutional website should prepend the BSSA cover page or SRL cover page to their article. This cover sheet identifies it as a copy for distribution only by the author under SSA’s Open Access Policy. For instructions on adding the cover sheet see below.
  2. Authors can immediately post this version on their personal websites.
  3. If required by their institutions, then authors can allow this version to be posted on their home institution’s archives after a 12 month embargo. If a shorter embargo is required by governmental regulations then the authors should contact the journal to request a special exception.

Adding the Coversheet

SSA has identified a number of ways to add the Open Access cover sheet to the pdf of your paper.

  1. Download a pdf of your paper from the journal web site.
  2. Download the appropriate cover page for BSSA or SRL.
    1. Use software on your computer such as Adobe Acrobat or Preview on Mac OS X to add the cover sheet. Instructions for Preview can be found here.
    2. Use free websites such as and