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Student Presentation Awards

In order to help identify outstanding work by SSA student members, the SSA Board initiated the Student Presentation Award. The award will be given for an excellent poster presentation or talk at each Annual Meeting. The award may be given to 0-15% of the presenting students at the meeting, based upon an absolute standard of excellence and criteria developed by the Student Presentation Subcommittee of the Honors Committee. At the time of the presentation each award winner must be registered as a student and also must be a Student Member of SSA in good standing. All student presenters will be considered eligible for the award. Students, to help identify yourself as an eligible student presenter, be sure to check the relevant box on your abstract submission for the Annual Meeting. Questions may be directed to Christopher DuRoss, Chair of the Student Presentation Award Subcommittee <christopherduross [at] utah [dot] gov>.

2013 Student Presentation Award Winners

At the 2013 SSA Annual Meeting all attendees were invited to submit nominations for the Student Presentation Awards. Thanks to all participants, including the subcommittee for their evaluations and everyone who completed a nomination form. From among a total of 114 student presentations at given at the meeting in Salt Lake City, the subcommittee chose the following eleven for recognition:

[Photo ofDaniel Bowman]Daniel Bowman
University of North Carolina

The Hilbert-Huang Transform Applied to Seismo-acoustic Signals on Volcanoes

D. C. Bowman, J. M. Lees

[Photo ofSamuel Bydlon]Samuel Bydlon
Stanford University

Rupture Dynamics and Ground Motion from Earthquakes in Heterogeneous Media

S. A. Bydlon, J. E. Kozdon, E. M. Dunham

[Photo ofAndrea Gallegos]Andrea Gallegos
New Mexico State University

Lg Attenuation in the Central and Eastern United States Revealed by the EarthScope Transportable Array

A. C. Gallegos, N. R. Ranasinghe, A. R. Trujillo, J. F. Ni, E. Sandvol

[Photo ofA B Afifa Imtiaz]A B Afifa Imtiaz
Institut des Sciencec de la Terre (ISTerre)

Magnitude and Distance Dependency of the Ground-Motion Variability from Numerical Simulations and Comparison with Real Data Analysis

A. B. A. Imtiaz, M. Causse, E. Chaljub, F. Cotton

[Photo ofM. Anna Nowicki]M. Anna Nowicki
Indiana University/USGS

Development of a Globally Applicable Model for Near Real-time Prediction of Seismically Induced Landslides

M. A. Nowicki, D. J. Wald, M. W. Hamburger, M. Hearne, E. M. Thompson

[Photo ofJohn Rollins]John Rollins
California Institute of Technology

Mechanisms of Postseismic Deformation Following the 2010 M=7.2 El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake

J. C. R. Rollins, S. D. B. Barbot, J. P. A. Avouac

[Photo ofJing Zhu]Jing Zhu
Tufts University

A Geospatial Liquefaction Model for Rapid Response and Loss Estimation

J. Zhu, L. G. Baise, E. M. Thompson, D. J. Wald, K. L. Knudsen


Last Modified: 2013 May 24