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BSSA Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Submitting Your Initial and Revised Manuscripts

Submission to BSSA is understood to imply that the article is original, unpublished, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere.


Prepare your manuscript following our guidelines for preparing manuscripts. Failing to follow these guidelines can cause a delay to the processing of your manuscript.

Before you submit your manuscript please proofread it carefully. If necessary, ask a colleague whose first language is English for help in preparing the paper. Well-written manuscripts generally spend less time in the review process. Ideas that have not been expressed clearly and concisely are likely to be misunderstood by referees, and this could lead to rejection of a manuscript that might otherwise have been of interest to readers. 

Download the copyright form, print it out, fill it out, and scan it into a file. You will upload the form as part of the submission process. If you cannot scan the copyright form into a file, fax it to the Editorial Office.


Submit your manuscript in Word or Latex format (not PDF format). The figures can be submitted in EPS, TIFF, JPEG, or high resolution PDF format.  Not all of these formats are best for publication, so please see our art submission guidelines for more information. Each figure file should not exceed 10 mb per file.  However, for the review process, submit a copy of the figures with the captions below each figure, either in a Word or PDF file. High resolution figures may be submitted at this time as well, but not required until final files are requested after your paper is accepted for publication. Label each high resolution figure file in the "DESCRIPTION" box on the upload screen as "Figure 1, Figure 2, etc." The pdf file created by the online submission system will use downsampled versions of your figures to reduce the file size, but will contain links to the high resolution figure files in case the editors or reviewers need to view them. If you are using LaTeX please read these suggestions for making it work with our online submission system.

If you are submitting an electronic supplement with your manuscript, submit it under the “Supplemental Material” category in Editorial Manager as described in our electronic supplement guidelines.  Please review our current publication charge rates for the cost of publishing an electronic supplement.

During the submission process you will be asked to provide contact information; background information that might be helpful to the Editor, Associate Editor, and referees; type of article (article, short note, comment, reply, or erratum); choice of issue (regular or special issue); names of potential referees (optional but helpful); names of people you wish to exclude as referees (optional); up to 4 (four) classification terms from this list; a new classification term if an appropriate one is not available; the Flinn-Engdahl region most appropriate for your paper; the name of a major earthquake if your paper focuses on one.

You will also be asked to choose one of three publication charge/color options. Before choosing an option, please review the current publication charge rates.

Once you have all of the necessary files prepared, log in to the submission system at as an author. If you start the process, but do not complete it, the system will save your submission and you can log back in at a later time and finish the process.

Color Options Color figures can be published (1) in color both in the online journal and in the printed journal, or (2) in color online and gray scale in print. You must choose only one option for all of the color figures within a paper; that is, you cannot choose option (1) for one color figure and option (2) for another color figure. You cannot submit two versions of the same figure.

The color-in-print option requires that you pay full page and color charges. Before choosing this option, please carefully review publication charge rates and color costs and ensure that you have the necessary funding. Publication charges and color charges for articles that use this option are never waived.

For the color-online-only option, there is no charge for color. You are responsible for ensuring that color figures convert to gray scale for the print version and that text and captions are understandable in both the online and print versions. DO NOT refer to the word "COLOR" or the COLOR of a line, symbol, or other element. For information on preparing figures, see the art guidelines. If you choose the option of color online and gray scale in print, it is essential that you review the Tutorial on Producing Online-Only Color Figures.

Reviewers should have access to figures and captions that you believe are ready to be published. Please prepare your manuscript and figures following the guidelines for the color option that you have chosen. If color figures are changed to gray scale after acceptance of the paper, there will be a delay to publication while the paper undergoes further review by the Editorial Board.

Submission of Revised Manuscripts Detailed responses to reviews, including a list of changes or rebuttals, must be submitted along with your revised manuscript. When submitting a revised paper through the online system, you will find the step "Respond to Reviewers." Entering information in the text box on that page is required; you can enter either the complete responses to reviews or a statement that responses are in an uploaded file. The information in the text box will be available to reviewers. In the "Attach Files" step, upload your summary of changes and response to reviewers under the "Response to Reviews" category and a "track changes" version of your mannuscript showing what changes have been made in the revised version of your manuscript under the "Annotated Manuscript" category. Both of those files will be available to reviewers. A file uploaded as "Letter to Editor" will be seen only by the editors.

If your submission includes an electronic supplement, submit this under the "Supplemental Material" category in Editorial Manager. Please follow the instructions in the electronic supplement guidelines.  

Submission Status: For updates on your submission's status, you can log in to the submission system. If you have further questions, please contact the Editorial Office.

Last Modified: 2014 May 21