Lloyd Cluff

William B. Joyner Memorial Lectures | 2004 Recipient

Joyner Lecturers are chosen on the basis of their work at the interface of earthquake science and earthquake engineering, whether they be contributions from earthquake science to earthquake engineering or from earthquake engineering to earthquake science. In the case of Lloyd Cluff, the first Joyner Lecturer, it is hard to decide which way the arrow points. His many friends and colleagues in the earthquake sciences are proud to call him their own, as evidenced by his being President of SSA (1982-1983) and recipient of the John Wesley Powell Award from the U.S. Geological Survey in 2000. His many friends and colleagues in the earthquake engineering fields feel exactly the same way, having elected Lloyd President of EERI (1993-1995). It should come as no surprise at all, then, that Lloyd has also been President of the Association of Engineering Geologists (1968-1969) and Chairman of the California Seismic Safety Commission (1988-1990).