Earthquake Fatality Measure Offers New Way to Estimate Impact on Countries

Ruins of Pelileo in Ambato — after the 1949 Ambato earthquake in Ecuador

15 February 2024–A new measure that compares earthquake-related fatalities to a country’s population size concludes that Ecuador, Lebanon, Haiti, Turkmenistan, Iran and Portugal have experienced the greatest impact from fatalities in the past five centuries. The new impact measure, introduced in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America by … Continue Reading »

The Seismic Record Now Included in Elsevier’s Scopus

TSR Masthead

8 January 2024–The Seismological Society of America’s journal The Seismic Record (TSR) has been accepted in Scopus®, Elsevier’s comprehensive and multidisciplinary abstract and citation database. Scopus® includes more than 1.8 billion references dating back to 1970, including journals, trade journals, conference proceedings and books. The Scopus® Content Selection & Advisory … Continue Reading »