What Can Deep Diamonds Tell Us About Deep Earthquakes?

blue boron diamond

22 April 2022–Diamonds that formed deep in the Earth could help seismologists answer a decades-old question: do fluids play a role in generating earthquakes at depths where high pressure should keep brittle failure from happening? Fluid-assisted faulting in subducted slabs 300 to 700 kilometers deep, in the transition zone between … Continue Reading »

Deep Lake Cores of Ancient Lake Cahuilla Could Help Define Southern San Andreas History

field work at Lake Cahuilla

22 April 2022–Sediment cores from the ancient Lake Cahuilla at Coachella in southern California could help seismologists determine whether lake filling events are connected to earthquakes on the Southern San Andreas Fault, according to a presentation at the Seismological Society of America’s Annual Meeting. Lake Cahuilla was a prehistoric lake … Continue Reading »