Michael Fehler

Distinguished Service to SSA Award | 2007 Recipient

Michael Fehler was selected because his contributions were “numerous and important, ranging from BSSA Editor, to SSA president, to distinguished scientist. Mike brings passion, grace, and attention to detail to his work, which shows in his many successes, and which has also been an inspiration to others.” Mike took on the work of Editor of BSSA in June 1995, a position he held for more than 8 years. During that time, he expanded the pool of Associate Editors to reduce their workload and expedite their handling of manuscripts. He also recruited AE’s in different disciplines to tap additional expertise and encourage submittals from a broader topical range of research. During Mike’s editorship, BSSA published several special issues including Site Effects on PSHA, the 1999 Chichi Earthquake, the 1999 Izmit Earthquake, the 1999 Hector Mine Earthquake, Paleoseismology of the San Andreas Fault, and the 2002 Denali Earthquake.