Earthquakes and tsunamis in Iberia: 50th years of the 1969 Saint Vincent earthquake (M=8.0)

On 28 February 1969 a large earthquake, located at the zone where the catastrophic 1755 Lisbon shock occurred, stroke the Iberian Peninsula and northern Morocco with important damage and casualties. The shock, located at SW of Saint Vincent Cape, was followed by a tsunami that affected the SW of the Iberian Peninsula and Atlantic coast of Morocco. The occurrence of large tsunamigenic earthquakes is a characteristic of the Ibero-Maghrebian region (other examples, besides that of 1755, are the 1790 Oran, Algeria or the 2003 Boumerdes shocks). In the last years there are new results derived from installation of permanent and temporary seismic stations in land and OBS, GPS geodetic and geological surveys, etc. The objective of the Workshop is the discussion of these new results in order to improve the knowledge of the occurrence of earthquakes and tsunamis at Ibero-Maghrebian region.

Historical and intrumental seismicity
Crustal structure
Seismic sources
Earthquake Early Warning System (EEWS)
Regional stresses and deformation
Seismic risk
Seismic and geodetic networks

Invited lectures
Two invited lectures will be presented by international experts:
Prof. Maria Ana Baptista University of Lisboa, Portugal) “Tsunamis in Iberia” and Prof. Richard Allen (University of Berkeley, California, USA) “Earthquake Early Warning Systems”.

Organizing Committee
• Prof. E. Buforn (UCM)
• Prof. M. Mattesini (UCM)
• Dr. J. M. Martínez Solares (IGN)
• Dr. E. Carreño (IGN) Scientific Committee
• Prof. E. Buforn (UCM, Spain)
• Prof. M. Mattesini (UCM, Spain)
• Prof. A. Udias (UCM, Spain)
• Dr. J. M. Martínez Solares (IGN), Madrid, Spain
• Dr. E. Carreño (IGN, Madrid, Spain)
• J.V. Cantavella (IGN, Madrid, Spain)
• Dr. J. Martín Dávila (ROA, San Fernando Cádiz, Spain)
• Dr. C. Pro (Universidad de Extremadura, Mérida, Spain)
• Dr. A. Roca (ICC, Barcelona, Spain)
• Prof. J. Morales (Universidad de Granada, Spain)
• Prof.. M. Bezzeghoud (Univ. Evora, Portugal)
• Prof. C. Sousa Oliveira (Lisboa, Portugal)
• Dr. S. Custodio (Univ. de Lisboa, Portugal
• Dr. P. Teves-Costa (Universidad de Lisboa, Portugal)
• Prof. M. Miranda (IPMA, Lisboa, Portugal)
• Dr. A. Tahayt (CNRS, Rabat, Morocco)
• Dr. F. Medina (MAC, Rabat, Morocco)
• Prof. K. Yelles (CRAAG, Algeria)
• Dr. B. Youcef (CGS, Algeria)

Financial support
A limited number of fellowships are reserved for younger and more recently established scientists to attend the Workshop. The fellowships may be free registration payment or travel support.

Official language of the Workshop is English Some selected presentations will be published in a monographic volume . You may find additional details at the event website or by email to: earthquakes_1969@

A second circular indicating details of deadline for abstracts, registration place of workshop, accommodation, etc. will be send on November 2018.