Implicit Bias Training: AM

Implicit Biases: Why we have them and how they impact STEM

Implicit biases are automatic, subconscious cognitive predispositions that silently impact our understanding, actions and decisions in a wide range of contexts. Left unexamined, these biases can impact our decision-making processes in ways that cause us to act against our own beliefs. For example, did you know that even women geoscientists write stronger letters for male candidates, and were found to prefer equivalent job candidates with male names? This ADVANCEGeo workshop will invite participants to engage in a confidential, respectful environment in which to learn about the concept of implicit biases and the ways in which those biases operate. Several examples will be shared of how implicit biases have negatively impacted marginalized groups in STEM. Most importantly, the workshop will describe concrete, specific steps that individuals can take to minimize the impacts of implicit bias in STEM. Registration closes 5 May at Noon Pacific.

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