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Staff and Directory

SSA Main Office
400 Evelyn Avenue, Suite 201
Albany, California 94706-1375
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Main Phone:
(510) 525-5474
Fax: (510) 525-7204
General Information: info [at] seismosoc [dot] org

Susan Newman
Executive Director

Phone: (510) 559-1782
E-mail: snewman [at] seismosoc [dot] org
Sissy Stone
Accounts Payable / Administrative Assistant

Phone: (510) 559-1780
E-mail: accounts [at] seismosoc [dot] org

Joy Troyer
Director of Operations

Phone: (510) 559-1784
E-mail: joy [at] seismosoc [dot] org
Noach Dzmura
Membership/Marketing Coordinator
Phone: (510) 559-1783
E-mail: membership [at] seismosoc [dot] org

Betty Schiefelbein
BSSA Manuscripts Coordinator

E-mail: bssamss [at] seismosoc [dot] org
Mary George
SRL Managing Editor
srl [at] seismosoc [dot] org

Sarah Tyler
BSSA Production Coordinator

E-mail: bssaprod [at] seismosoc [dot] org
Bo Orloff
webmaster [at] seismosoc [dot] org

Nan Broadbent
Press Relations

E-mail: press [at] seismosoc [dot] org

If you're looking for contact information for SSA's officers please email us at:
<info [at] seismosoc [dot] org>
Last Modified: 2014 Sep 05