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California Strong Motion Instrumentation Program

Under the general direction of the Supervising Engineering Geologist of Earthquake Engineering Program in the California Geological Survey (CGS), the Senior Engineering Geologist (Supervisor) is responsible for analyzing the engineering characteristics of the CGS Strong Motion Instrumentation Program (CSMIP) stations sites, studying data requests and questions from CSMIP data users from academia and engineering firms and responding to the requests and questions to facilitate using strong motion data.  In addition, the Senior Engineering Geologist (Supervisor) manages the Data Products Unit in the Earthquake Engineering Program which processes strong-motion data and posts data at the Center for Engineering Strong Motion Data (CESMD). Calculate shear wave velocity (Vs30) of the ground layers by applying geotechnical engineering analysis to the instrumented geotechnical arrays that lack or have incomplete measured Vs30; Study strong motion records to determine the effect of near surface soil on earthquake ground motion, study resonance of ground motion and soil nonlinearity effects during strong earthquakes; Use measured data of Cone Penetration Tests and Standard Penetration Tests at the boreholes and develop correlation between blow counts and shear wave velocity at boreholes, and apply the correlation to estimate Vs30 at the Geotechnical Arrays that lack measured Vs30; Coordinate with the USGS and other seismic networks to compile Vs30 values for the seismic stations and make the parameters available to engineers and earth scientists communities.

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