At Work: Tamarah King

18 June 2024–Tamarah King, is there a question you hear often about Australian seismicity? “If I had a dollar for every time somebody told me ‘Australia doesn’t have earthquakes!’” King said. “Not just from the general populace, I regularly meet earthquake scientists who are genuinely surprised to hear about Australia’s … Continue Reading »

At Work: Miao Zhang

15 May 2024–When it comes to seismic sources, observational seismologist Miao Zhang doesn’t play favorites. “I am curious about all types of seismic events on land and at sea, ranging from tectonic and volcanic earthquakes to induced earthquakes and manmade explosions,” said Zhang, an assistant professor at Dalhousie University. “My … Continue Reading »

At Work: Tina Dura

Tina Dura

16 April 2024–Tina Dura has always been interested in the natural world—from volcanoes to weather to “learning more about why the landscape looked the way it did,” she recalled. But the fieldwork she does as a paleoseismologist would not have appealed to her as a child. “It’s funny to me … Continue Reading »

At Work: Luis Donoso Carmona

Luis Donoso Carmona

12 March 2024–Earthquakes were part of Luis Donoso Carmona’s environment “for as long as I can remember,” growing up in northern Chile in the small city of Vallenar in the Atacama Desert, he said. His great-grandmother told stories of the destroyed ports and railway lines and overturned locomotives she had … Continue Reading »

At Work: HyeJeong Kim

13 February 2024–Oceans cover about 70% of the Earth’s surface—a fact that draws HyeJeong Kim’s scientific gaze under the sea, even as the seismologist now works on dry land as a postdoc at the University of Utah. “If you don’t have seismic stations under that massive water, it’s limiting our … Continue Reading »

At Work: Adrian Rodriguez-Marek

8 January 2024–The characterization of uncertainty has been a theme of Adrian Rodriguez-Marek’s career as an earthquake engineer. “That was something that I was interested in from the very first time that I got into hazard analysis,” he explained. “When it comes to ground motion prediction, as a layperson you … Continue Reading »