Seismic Hazards Mapping and Modeling Geoscientist

Website California Geological Survey

The Seismic Hazards Program at the California Geological Survey is recruiting a Seismic Hazards Mapping and Modeling Geoscientist. This role will involve using advanced technologies to test and evaluate landslide and liquefaction hazard models. Desired skills also include the ability to use machine learning and other emerging technologies to develop and maintain computer programs that automatically detect evidence of surface deformation in remote sensing data for many types of natural hazard events, including but not limited to, earthquakes, fault rupture, landslides, tsunami, and volcanic eruption. For more information about applying for this opportunity, see the link below. Deadline for applying is May 20, 2024.

JC-430606 – Seismic Hazards Mapping and Modeling Geoscientist


$6,175.00 – $11,626.00 per month

Location:  Los Angeles

To apply for this job please visit