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Regional Seismic Network for the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN) at the University of Washington in Seattle has an outstanding opportunity for a ShakeAlert User Engagement Facilitator to support the implementation of Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) in the Pacific Northwest.

The PNSN monitors earthquakes in the states of Washington and Oregon for public safety and scientific research.  EEW will save lives during, and speed recovery after, damaging earthquakes in Washington and Oregon by giving alert receivers from a few seconds to a couple of minutes of warning so they can take protective actions before strong shaking hits them. The ShakeAlert EEW project is a multi-million dollar effort that is collaborative with the US Geological Survey, University of Oregon, UC Berkeley and Caltech.

Under direction of the PNSN director, the Program Operations Specialist will be responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with entities that receive and use warnings in Oregon and Washington. They will also help plan and execute projects with the goal of disseminating widespread public alerts. They will implement user engagement and educational outreach projects in coordination with ShakeAlert partner alert providers in Oregon and California. User engagement includes providing educational outreach about EEW to groups with a variety of technical knowledge, exploring how EEW can benefit the user, and coordinating and catalyzing the development, implementation, and documentation of pilot EEW projects.

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The position will be open until filled, however, we expect to start reviewing applications on November 1, 2019.

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