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The RMS Earthquake Model Development group in California, US is looking for a Senior Earthquake Modeler to help it build industry leading stochastic catastrophe models for the quantification and management of catastrophe risk. The position requires development and update of ground-motion models, site response models including sedimentary basins and probabilistic seismic hazard models for RMS Global Catastrophe Risk Models. The applicant will lead the task of bringing in latest research results on ground-motion estimation and amplification at different site conditions for the global suite of RMS earthquake models. In addition, the position requires knowledge of characterization of seismic source and building response for applying these models. Catastrophe modeling (also known as cat modeling) is the process of estimating the losses that could be sustained due to a catastrophic events such as hurricanes or earthquakes. The results from this modeling exercise is used to analyzing risks in insurance and reissuance industry.

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