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Risk Management Solutions (RMS) is the world’s leading provider of solutions for understanding the risks of natural catastrophes. RMS Earthquake Model Development HQ, based in CA, USA, is looking for candidates to help building industry leading stochastic catastrophe models for the quantification and management of catastrophe risk. This position brings you a great opportunity to grow your professional career at RMS based on your performance and potential.

The position requires responsibilities in development and validation of ground motion, site response and seismic hazard modeling for global RMS Earthquake Catastrophe Risk models with emphasis on understanding, developing, and implementing state of the art science and practices. The applicant is expected to bring in the latest science and technical capabilities with innovations.

Responsibilities include keeping pace with and contributing to research. Technical support both
internally within RMS as well as for our clients will be required. You would join a highly skilled, motivated, and collaborative team of earthquake scientists that is passionate about developing and using science to build resilient societies around the world and educating our clients (mostly from insurance and financial industry) about earthquake science and risk.

If you’re interested, apply directly at below link or simply click Website icon on top right:

Required Technical Skills/Experience:
• Minimum of Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering (Geotechnical or Structural) with a research focus on at least two of the fields of engineering seismology, geotechnical earthquake engineering and numerical earthquake modeling.
• Experience and deep theoretical/practical knowledge in at least three of listed topics: ergodic or non-ergodic earthquake ground motion predictions, GMPE selection, ranking and logic tree construction, probabilistic seismic hazard analysis (PSHA), near-fault effects, building and site response due to earthquake ground motions including geologic structures, site characterization, dynamic response of soil, site amplification models and sedimentary basin models. It is expected that the applicant is eager to learn new methodologies in these fields.
• Experience and/or working knowledge of at least one of the following: 1D or 2D/3D site response simulations, and ground motion simulations.
• Strong statistical and informatics knowledge, preferably in probabilistic and geospatial statistics, nonlinear regressions, or similar.
• Strong background in data science methods, data mining, data manipulation etc.
• Excellent programming skills in any of listed high-level language (MATLAB, R, Python, Java, C++, C#, or similar)

Required Soft Skills:
• Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment: We are looking for a team player with a high degree of self-motivation.
• Strong project and time management skills: The ability and willingness to work on multiple projects at the same time.
• Detail oriented, strong analytical and organizational skills with thought-leadership skills.
• Excellent communication and presentation skills within and outside the organization
• Excellent written and verbal skills, as evidenced by technical presentations at meetings and conferences and publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Preferred Skills/Experience (Listed qualifications are not required):
• Up to two years of post-doctoral experience in the relevant field
• Prior experience in academia or industry
• Experience in CAT modeling, seismic risk and loss assessment, portfolio management
• Geologic mapping/geospatial skills, e.g., ArcGIS, QGIS etc.

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