Postdoctoral Scholar in HPC for Earthquake Cycle Models at the University of Oregon

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This postdoc position will involve research in high-performance computing techniques for numerical partial differential equations (PDEs) and their use in large-scale earthquake simulations in complex fault networks. The postdoc will develop the computational infrastructure for a 3D code based on finite-difference methods, integrating GPU acceleration with advanced techniques in numerical linear algebra. The ideal candidate will have experience in the following areas: high-performance computing for PDEs, experience developing optimized GPU kernels. The ideal candidate will also have experience in some of the following areas: finite difference and/or finite element methods, computational earthquake seismology (fault friction and earthquake dynamics), large-scale numerical linear algebra techniques. In addition, the candidate will conduct interdisciplinary research, exploring science questions spanning topics in both applied mathematics and earthquake seismology. The successful candidate will have the ability to work effectively with faculty, staff, and students from Earth sciences, applied mathematics, and computer science. They will have opportunities to mentor graduate students and integrate student contributions to code development, leading the charge in the creation of a publicly available, HPC-enabled code 3D code for earthquake applications. Preferred Qualifications: Ph.D. in Computer Science, Mathematics, Geophysics, or a related field is desirable; experience in HPC and numerical PDEs. For questions contact Brittany Erickson: More details and how to apply:

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