PhD opportunity in New Zealand: The ground rupture hazards of reverse faults

Website University of Otago/University of Canterbury/QuakeCoRE

Otago Earthquake Science Group

We seek a suitably qualified and motivated individual to undertake a PhD focused on understanding and quantifying the fault rupture hazards of reverse faults. The 2016 Mw7.8 Kaikoura earthquake showed how fault rupture and ground displacement can have abrupt and lasting impacts on human infrastructure. Roads, railways and rivers were displaced in an instant during the earthquake, causing transportation disruption, and loss of farmland through river avulsion.

This University of Otago-based project will seek to quantify the key geological parameters influencing fault displacement hazard in reverse fault zones in New Zealand. The largely field-based research will complement and supplement remote sensing data on historical surface ruptures in New Zealand, and will focus on the spectacular reverse fault natural laboratories of Canterbury and Otago. The result will be world-leading science on reverse fault displacement hazard, and an overall improvement in how fault displacement hazard is conceptualised and managed in New Zealand.

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