USGS Mendenhall Program Post-doctoral Opportunity: Improving short-term induced and natural seismicity forecasts with machine learning

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The USGS Mendenhall program has a post-doctoral opportunity (#21-44) for recent graduates in computer science, geophysics, seismology, statistics, or related fields.

The goal of this opportunity is to develop machine-learning approaches to improve earthquake forecasting capabilities – namely, to better predict the rate, locations, and sizes of earthquakes, and to supplement or potentially replace the empirical epidemic-type aftershock sequence (ETAS) models currently being used by the USGS for operational earthquake forecasting.  We welcome applications that focus on natural seismicity and/or induced seismicity. In their proposal, applicants should describe methods and architectures amenable to extracting relevant features from catalogs of earthquake times and locations, and to generating stochastic representations of future activity.

More information on the opportunity is here:

Candidates are encouraged to contact the research advisors to discuss project ideas. Note that due to federal regulations, non-citizens can be hired for these fellowships only in rare circumstances. Qualifications are here:

To apply for this job email your details to