2023 SSA Board of Directors Election Results

The Seismological Society of America held its Board of Directors election on Friday, 6 January 2023. The following members were elected to a three-year term beginning 17 April 2023 at the SSA Annual Meeting in Puerto Rico:


Annemarie Baltay, research geophysicist, U.S. Geological Survey

Principal fields: observational earthquake seismology, earthquake ground motion, earthquake source physics, seismic hazard




Susan Bilek, professor, New Mexico Tech

Principal fields: earthquake source physics, environmental seismology, subduction zone processes, tectonophysics




Victor Huerfano, research professor and director of the Puerto Rico Seismic Network

Principal fields: real time (RT) seismic, geodetic and tide gauge network operations (detections, processing and dissemination), network SOP’s (standard operational procedures), near field seismology, tsunami modeling, emergency management



Aaron Velasco, professor, University of Texas at El Paso

Principal field: earthquake seismology



As the governing body for SSA, the Board of Directors helps set the broad policy and direction for the Society. Any questions regarding the election should be directed to Executive Director Nan Broadbent or SSA Secretary Kris Pankow.

The votes were tabulated and validated by Election-America, Inc.