Letter to SSA Members on Executive Order

31 January 2017 — In response to the 27 January 2017 White House Executive Order to ban travel to the U.S. from selected countries, SSA President Jim Mori sent this letter today to the SSA membership.

Dear Colleagues:

The 27 January Executive Order signed by President Trump, curtailing immigration and entry to the U.S. from seven countries, has impacted the scientific community as a whole, including the Seismological Society of America (SSA).  We are aware of the hardship this travel ban places on our foreign-born colleagues and students. In some instances the order may prevent attending a conference or returning to work or study in the U.S. from a visit to one’s home country. The need for free and unfettered exchange of knowledge and ideas is in the best interests of every nation. Scientific advancement is best achieved when there is cooperation and collaboration among scientists. Restrictions on admitting properly screened and vetted scientists are contrary to this objective.

SSA is committed to working in conjunction with other scientific organizations to address this issue. It will seek to advise the Administration on the need for a balance between ensuring the continued ability of the U.S. to attract and work with global scientific talent and protecting national security. We are following the issue closely and will continue to provide you updates, especially as they relate to SSA activities such as our Annual Meeting.

We encourage SSA members in the U.S. to contact their senators and representatives to share how this Executive Order will impact or is already impacting their work, and to urge them to support measures that allow and enhance global scientific openness and inquiry.


James Mori, President