About The Seismic Record

At its April 2020 meeting, the SSA Board of Directors approved the launch of a new open access journal that will feature, short rapid-publication peer-reviewed articles on the full breadth of seismology.

A new, short form, editorially distinct journal

The Seismic Record is an open-access, online only journal, publishing high-quality short form papers in seismology and earthquake science. The journal strives to advance seismology through prompt publication of high-impact articles of significance in the field. The Seismic Record provides an outlet to cover recent events and current topics of strong significance, warranting rapid peer review and publication. The Seismic Record ensures rigorous peer-review with a time from submission to publication of approximately two months.

The Seismic Record covers the entire spectrum of seismological science, publishing papers on a myriad of basic, applied and theoretical science problems related to earthquake hazards, earthquake engineering and public policy issues requiring rapid dissemination. The journal publishes research focused on all scales of seismological advances from planetary/global to local/geotechnical scales, solving problems related to structure and dynamics of the Earth, earthquake source physics, theoretical and cross-disciplinary topics.

The journal considers papers meeting these requirements:

  • No more than 3500 words, excluding references
  • No more than five figures and/or tables
  • No more than 30 references

All articles must include a data availability statement with links to publicly archived datasets generated during or analyzed as part of the research. Supplemental material may be accepted at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief.

Authors are encouraged to submit their follow-on, more comprehensive, substantive and technical full-length articles to BSSA or SRL.