Susan Newman

Distinguished Service to SSA Award | 2015 Recipient

SSA Executive Director Susan Newman worked with and for the Seismological Society of America for 45 years making it one of the preeminent seismological institutions in the USA and the world. The success of our Society is in great measure due to Susan’s commitment to service; she was at the core of our advancement, working with us and for us, in ways that most of us could only imagine. From publications to membership to government relations to scientific meetings both in the U.S. and abroad, Susan was our leader, guiding us so that we could do and look our very best. During four and a half decades of service, the world  changed tremendously. Thanks to Susan’s dedication and foresight SSA has kept pace with these changes, thereby serving its members, science and society.

On the eve of her retirement, SSA  recognized Susan with the Distinguished Service Award to SSA, at the April 2015 Annual Meeting.