The Benefits of SSA Membership

At SSA, we know that we need each other to advance earthquake science. The newcomers and the veterans. The authors and the reviewers. The researchers and their advocates.

Everyday our members support one another in our shared mission. They volunteer their time to edit the pages of SSA’s journals, mentor our students and remind the nation’s policymakers why our work matters.

We’re member-driven. That means your voice will be heard, and we’ll explore the topics you care about.

Seismology isn’t a solo journey. It takes a community. Join us, and together we’ll advance earthquake science.

Member Benefits:

  • Gain ongoing professional development opportunities, including virtual training, workshops and mentoring through our SSA Connects program.
  • Save on registration fees to the SSA Annual Meeting.
  • Access the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (BSSA) and Seismological Research Letters (SRL).
  • Enjoy reduced APC to publish in The Seismic Record, our new, open-access journal.
  • Engage and collaborate with our global community.

By Joining, You Can:

  • Mentor others and help them advance in their careers.
  • Support the case for funding of our science.
  • Share your research and contribute to the advancement of the field.

Want to learn more and join?  Visit our membership information page.

“SSA is a wonderful community to be part of. I have found the meetings to be a great place to connect, to meet and make good friends, and to develop rich collaborations. The journals provide a deep foundation for our scientific activities, as well as an excellent venue for sharing ideas and insights.” —Peggy Hellweg, SSA's 2022-23 President

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