2017 Recipient

William R. Lettis

William R. Lettis has been selected as the William B. Joyner Memorial Lecturer for 2017. Lettis founded William Lettis & Associates, Inc. in 1990 and Lettis Consultants International, Inc. in 2011 to provide consultancy at the interface of earthquake science and earthquake engineering. He will deliver his lecture in April … Continue Reading »

2016 Recipient

Jonathan P. Stewart

Jonathan P. Stewart is professor and chair of the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at UCLA. He was selected as the 2016 Joyner Lecturer in recognition of his work on the characterization of earthquake ground motions for engineering applications, with special emphasis on site response effects. He will deliver his … Continue Reading »

2015 Recipient

Paul Somerville

Paul Somerville is an engineering seismologist at AECOM (formerly at its predecessor organizations, URS and Woodward-Clyde) in Los Angeles. He is also Chief Geoscientist at Risk Frontiers at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. He has applied physics-based modeling methods to understand the influence of earthquake source and seismic wave propagation … Continue Reading »

2014 Recipient

David Boore

David Boore is a Geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey in Menlo Park, California. Dr. Boore has published over 260 papers, most dealing with various aspects of the problem of estimating the ground shaking from large earthquakes. The topics covered in these publications range from the seismic source to site … Continue Reading »

2013 Recipient

Kelvin Berryman

Kelvin manages the newly-formed research platform that integrates all of New Zealand’s government-funded research in natural hazards. The portfolio ranges from geological and weather-related hazards integrated natural hazard risk, resilient engineering and infrastructure research, and societal and land-use planning aspects of natural hazard mitigation. Kelvin is a Principal Scientist at … Continue Reading »

2012 Recipient

Jonathan Bray

Jonathan D. Bray, Professor of Geotechnical Engineering at UC Berkeley was selected as the 2012 Joyner Lecturer. He delivered his lecture at the SSA Annual Meeting in April 2012 in San Diego, CA. Dr. Bray was chosen because of his scientific and engineering research and exchange of information regarding liquefaction … Continue Reading »