At Work: Delaine Reiter

Delaine Reiter

14 February 2022–At the Colorado School of Mines, where Delaine Reiter was an undergraduate, she found her interests in math and Earth physics turned toward exploration seismology and near-surface studies. “I was looking at big reflection surveys of the very shallow crust, trying to find oil and gas plays,” she … Continue Reading »

At Work: Alicia Hotovec-Ellis

18 January 2022–For as long as Alicia Hotovec-Ellis can remember, she’s had “three core pieces of identity,” she said. “I like to draw, my favorite color is fire, and I want to be a scientist when I grow up.” She spent hours during her college days writing and illustrating a … Continue Reading »

At Work: James Kaklamanos

15 December 2021–The plan was to become a lawyer, says James Kaklamanos, recalling his early years as an undergraduate. But an interest in math and science, and encouraging science mentors at Tufts University, soon had him wondering if law school was really in his future. The Sumatra earthquake and tsunami … Continue Reading »

At Work: Gilead Wurman

Gilead Wurman

3 November 2021–Seismic hazard analyses may use ergodic ground motion models—a sort of “average” based on global data about ground motion—or non-ergodic models, which incorporate more local and regional data on seismic source and nearby geologic structures. Having that site-specific analysis can make a big difference, as consulting seismologist Gilead … Continue Reading »

At Work: Songqiao “Shawn” Wei

Shawn Wei

20 September 2021–Growing up in the mountains in China, Songqiao “Shawn” Wei never saw the ocean until he was 23, flying over the Pacific from Beijing to San Francisco for an American Geophysical Union meeting. “But when I was a kid I liked the sea, from books and movies, and … Continue Reading »

At Work: Louisa Brotherson

Louisa Brotherson

16 August 2021–Earthquakes are happening all the time inside Louisa Brotherson’s lab. Tiny ones, at least—and the strike-slip faults involved occur in Perspex plastic, not rock. Using a machine called a triaxial deformation apparatus, Brotherson can apply different pressures and stresses on the plastic to mimic the conditions that lead … Continue Reading »