Was the Earthquake Induced or Natural? New Study Tests Frameworks to Answer the Question

The town of Peace River, Alberta, seen from the Sagitawa Lookout. | awmcphee/ Wikimedia Common

13 December 2023–Using questionnaires created to determine whether a particular earthquake is natural or induced by human activity, a panel of experts concluded that the November 2022 magnitude 5.2 Peace River earthquake sequence in Alberta, Canada was likely to be induced. The case study published in Seismological Research Letters was … Continue Reading »

Prayer Book Fills Gap in Italian Earthquake History

1456 Marche earthquake MS

1 November 2023–The chance discovery of a note written in a 15th century Hebrew prayer book fills an important gap in the historical Italian earthquake record, offering a brief glimpse of a previously unknown earthquake affecting the Marche region in the central Apennines. Paolo Galli, who found the note in … Continue Reading »

SSA Journals Announce Author Name Change Policy and Procedures

journal pages

28 July 2023–SSA has developed an author name change policy and procedures for authors publishing in its three journals: the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (BSSA), Seismological Research Letters (SRL), and The Seismic Record (TSR). There are many reasons why journal authors may change names during their publishing … Continue Reading »