At Work: Gabrielle Tepp

23 October 2023–Gabrielle Tepp grew up in Michigan—far from the earthquakes and volcanoes she would later study. She also “grew up in a small city where ‘scientist’ wasn’t really a career path,” she recalls, but she was good at math and curious about how things worked. She thought she might … Continue Reading »

At Work: Natalie Balfour

Natalie Balfour

20 September 2023–Throughout her career, Natalie Balfour has moved back and forth between research, management and leadership roles. “It is a bit of who I am,” said Balfour, now the head of research at Toka Tū Ake EQC, Aotearoa New Zealand’s Earthquake Commission. “I love learning about natural hazards, about … Continue Reading »

SSA Launches The Paul Andrew Spudich Fund

Paul Spudich on hillside

18 September 2023–A new fund at SSA honors the life and accomplishments of Paul Andrew Spudich (1950-2019) by supporting the professional development of Society members at the beginning of their careers in seismology. Through The Paul Andrew Spudich Fund, SSA will establish the Paul Andrew Spudich Travel Grant program, which … Continue Reading »

At Work: Carene Larmat

18 August 2023–It sounds like science fiction, but one of Carene Larmat’s tasks as a geoscientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory is time reversal. “During my Ph.D. it became possible to perform time reversal of the seismic waves created by an earthquake, using a supercomputer and the full waveform solver … Continue Reading »

SSA Journals Announce Author Name Change Policy and Procedures

journal pages

28 July 2023–SSA has developed an author name change policy and procedures for authors publishing in its three journals: the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (BSSA), Seismological Research Letters (SRL), and The Seismic Record (TSR). There are many reasons why journal authors may change names during their publishing … Continue Reading »