DEI Initiatives

Dear SSA Community:

Aaron Velasco, chair of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force, presented the following report to the SSA Board of Directors at a 13 April meeting.

The Board formed the Task Force in August 2020 to recommend actions to address diversity and equity in the SSA community.

We very much appreciate the consideration and thoughts and ideas that the Task Force members have compiled in this report. The Board is now planning how to implement effective actions based on the Task Force’s recommendations. As part of this response, we are sharing the report with you, and encourage feedback from every member of our community.

SSA Board of Directors
30 April 2021

Thank you to the members of the DEI Task Force:

  • Aaron Velasco (Chair)
  • Kasey Aderhold (IRIS liaison)
  • Richard Alfaro-Diaz
  • Wesley Brown
  • Mike Brudzinski
  • Fabia Terra
  • Margaret Fraiser (AGU liaison)
  • Monique Holt
  • Jim Mori
  • Gabriela Noriega (SCEC liaison)
  • Kate Scharer
  • Dennise Templeton
  • Sherilyn William-Stroud

To review the original charter, please visit this page.