Special Events

Don’t miss these special events at the SSA 2021 Annual Meeting!

All are welcome!


Presidential Address by Bill Walter
Monday, 19 April at 4:30 PM Pacific

Join us to hear from outgoing President Bill Walter, who will reflect on the year and the opportunities ahead for the Society.





Joyner Reception
Monday, 19 April at 6:30 – 8 PM Pacific

Meet your colleagues and make new friends at this virtual reception on Gather.Town. Visit the Annual Meeting homepage (through your special log-in link) at 6:30 PM, grab a drink, don an avatar, turn on your mic and camera and start mingling! Explore the virtual space created just for this evening and meet up with old friends. Walk up to another avatar and your camera and microphone will become active for a quick chat, or approach a small group and join a conversation.

Space is limited to the first 500 people.  Don’t miss out!




Save Our Seismograms
Wednesday, 21 April at 7:30 – 8:30 AM Pacific

Grab your coffee and attend this morning event.

Analog seismograms comprise a vast and largely untapped data source, one that is increasingly at risk. The era of analog seismic data spans more than a century, much longer than the current digital era.  Although many seismograms have been lost to natural causes as well as willful destruction, there are still many millions of records in existence. All of these are at risk from deterioration and many from pressures related to storage space and its associated costs. Analog data collections range from small personal collections to institutional archives numbering in the millions of seismograms. These data sets are not only hard to access but require innovative approaches to perform any type of modern seismic analysis. To unlock their potential, these records and their associated metadata must be scanned and digitized.   Strategies must be developed for standards and data sharing. Digitized legacy seismograms have the potential to enable discoveries in many fields. These include not only seismotectonics and seismic hazard, but also Earth structure from crust to core, induced seismicity, ambient noise, tsunamis, landslide, volcanoes and effects associated with climate change. As this data set is rediscovered, researchers have successfully adapted and applied techniques developed for use with digital data, among which are moment tensor inversion, machine learning, tomography and myriad spectral analyses. We invite you to learn more and join our growing community.

Conveners: Allison Bent (Natural Resources Canada), Diane Doser (University of, Texas El Paso), Garrett Euler (Los Alamos National Lab),  Peggy Hellweg (University of California Berkeley), Lorraine Hwang (University of California, Davis), Kaiwen Wang (Stanford University.)


UNAVCO-IRIS joint logo
IRIS-UNAVCO Merger Update, Wednesday, 21 April at 1:30-2:00 PM Pacific

Curious about the IRIS-UNAVCO merger? Members of the Steering Committee will provide a status of the ongoing process and planning activities toward forming the new EarthScope Consortium Inc. and respond to your questions. Speakers will include Bob Woodward, Becks Bendick, Ronni Grapenthin and Rick Aster.