2012 Recipient

Katsuichiro Goda

The Seismological Society of America (SSA) will honor Katsuichiro Goda for his prolific work to reduce earthquake risk around the world, awarding him the Charles Richter Early Career Award on April 17 at its annual meeting in Salt Lake City. His multi-disciplinary background has allowed Goda, a lecturer in civil engineering at … Continue Reading »

2011 Recipient

David Shelly

David Shelly has quickly established himself as world leader in observational seismology, having already made a dramatic impact on the field of seismology through his pioneering work to detect and locate deep tectonic tremor. For his work, the Seismological Society of America will honor Shelly with its Charles. F. Richter Early … Continue Reading »

2010 Recipient

Zhigang Peng

Zhigang Peng has made seismological discovery a regular occurrence early in his career. Peng has written 35 peer-reviewed papers that have contributed much to the understanding physics of earthquakes and faults. An Assistant Professor in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology since 2006, Peng’s … Continue Reading »

2009 Recipient

Karen Felzer

This award was presented to Karen Felzer, USGS Pasadena, at the 2010 annual meeting in Portland, Oregon. In her relatively young career, Felzer has produced transformative and sometimes valuably controversial research by utilizing statistical approaches to tackle tough seismological questions. Her oft-cited work has constructively challenged previously held theories and … Continue Reading »

2008 Recipient

Miaki Ishii

This award was presented to Miaki Ishii, Harvard University, at the 2009 annual meeting in Monterey, CA. In her young career, Ishii, an assistant professor of earth and planetary science at Harvard University, has made two groundbreaking discoveries in geophysics that have fostered intense debate and subsequent research that has changed … Continue Reading »

2006 Recipient

Jeanne Hardebeck

This award was presented to Jeanne Hardebeck, USGS, Menlo Park, at the 2007 annual meeting. The Richter Committee noted that, “Hardebeck’s contributions to seismological research have been aimed at the central issues in earthquake studies including especially the state of stress and the strengths of faults, problems that have been … Continue Reading »