2021 Recipient

William Ellsworth

Ellsworth is recognized for his critical contributions to earthquake location, earthquake nucleation, earthquake recurrence and induced seismicity research. With Felix Waldhauser, Ellsworth developed the double-difference (DD) earthquake location method, which has had a tremendous influence on the field of seismology since the publication of the seminal study in the Bulletin … Continue Reading »

2020 Recipient

Gail M. Atkinson

Gail M. Atkinson is recognized for her seminal contributions in engineering seismology, especially regarding ground motion characterization. She is one of the pioneers of the stochastic ground motion simulation method, used to predict strong ground motions from earthquakes in regions where seismic data are limited. Her work to develop ground-motion … Continue Reading »

2019 Recipient

Karen Fischer

Brown University Professor Karen M. Fischer receives the Reid Medal for her pioneering research on Earth’s upper mantle structure and dynamics, the structure and evolution of continental lithosphere, and the dynamics of subduction systems. She is “an outstanding seismologist who has conducted many observational and modeling studies of the Earth’s … Continue Reading »

2018 Recipient

David M. Boore

USGS emeritus geophysicist David M. Boore received the Reid Medal for his four decades of work on the prediction of strong ground motion from earthquakes. “His contributions in the theory and practice of strong-ground motion estimation have been emulated by both earthquake scientists and earthquake engineers around the world. His … Continue Reading »

2017 Recipient

George Plafker

USGS emeritus geologist George Plafker and his colleagues did painstaking fieldwork after the magnitude 9.2 Alaskan earthquake in 1964, covering hundreds of kilometers of Alaskan shoreline in small boats, helicopters, and float-equipped aircraft after the 1964 quake helped to launch a new field of megathrust earthquake geology, which used observations … Continue Reading »

2016 Recipient

Lev P. Vinnik

Lev P. Vinnik serves as the head of the Group of Seismological Studies in the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Physics of the Earth, based in Moscow. A pioneer in body-wave seismology for more than 50 years, Vinnik is well-known for his careful and meticulous data analyses and for developing … Continue Reading »