2011 Student Presentation Awards

Student Presentation Awards

2011 Winners

The 2011 SSA Student Presentation Awards were given based on evaluation by the Student Award subcommittee, made up of Laurie Baise (Tufts University), Michael Brudzinski (Miami University of Ohio), Ray Cakir (Washington State Department of Natural Resources), Martin Chapman (Virginia Tech), James Dewey (USGS Golden), Peggy Hellweg (University of California Berkeley), Steve Horton (The University of Memphis), Christine Powell (The University of Memphis), Leonardo Ramirez-Guzman (USGS Golden), and Thomas Pratt, chair (USGS Seattle), who on behalf of the committee extends thanks to the committee chairs who completed evaluation forms. From among a total of 65 student presentations evaluated at the 2011 SSA Annual Meeting in Memphis, Tennessee, the subcommittee chose the following eight for recognition:

Annemarie Baltay

Stanford University

Comparison of RMS-acceleration and Brune Stress Drops for Crustal Earthquakes in Japan

A. Baltay, T. Hanks, G. Prieto, and G. Beroza

Justin R. Brown

Stanford University

Factors Influencing Tremor Occurrence in Subduction Zones

J. Brown and G. Beroza

Kevin Chao

Georgia Institute of Technology

Deep Tremor Activities beneath the Central Range in Taiwan and Their Relationship to Local, Regional, and Teleseismic Earthquakes

K. Chao, Z. Peng, A. Wech, C. Tang, C. Lin, and C. Chen

Julien Chaput

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

Towards a 3D Reflectivity Model of Erebus Volcano, Antarctica, from Body Wave Seismic Interferometry Applied to Strombolian Eruption Coda

J. Chaput, R. Aster, R. Anthony, H. Knox, and P. Kyle

Abhijit Ghosh

University of Washington Seattle

Tremor Depth Using Array of Arrays in Cascadia

A. Ghosh, J. Vidale, and K. Creager

Thomas Goebel

University of Southern California

Connecting Acoustic Emission Event Locations, Aftershock Density and b-values before and after Stick-Slips to Changes in Topography of Rough Fracture Surfaces during Frictional Sliding Experiments

T. Goebel, T. Becker, C. Sammis, D. Schorlemmer, S. Stanchits, E. Rybacki, and G. Dresen

Julian C. Lozos

University of California Riverside

Fault Geometry, Dynamics, and Precarious Rocks in the Claremont- Casa Loma Stepover of the San Jacinto Fault, Southern California

J. Lozos, D. Oglesby, J. Brune, and K. Olsen

Paul Otieno Ogwari

The University of Memphis

Effects of Style of Faulting on Earthquake Ground Motions in NMSZ

P. Ogwari, S. Horton, M. Withers and C. Cramer