2015 Student Presentation Awards

Student Presentation Awards

2015 Winners

The SSA Student Presentation Awards recognize excellence in student poster presentations or talks at the annual meeting. The award is given to up to 15% of the number of students presenting at the annual meeting whose presentations meet absolute criteria that cover the quality of both content and presentation. The 2015 SSA Student Presentation Awards were given based on evaluation by the Student Award subcommittee, co-chaired by Chris DuRoss (USGS Denver) and Christine Powell (University of Memphis), who were assisted by dozens of evaluators among the conference attendees. From among a total of 147 student presentations evaluated at the 2015 SSA Annual Meeting in Pasadsena, California, the subcommittee chose the following 12 for recognition:

[Photo of Daniel Bowman]Daniel Bowman
University of North Carolina

Infrasound in the Stratosphere Measured with a Free Flying Acoustic Array
D. C. Bowman, J. M. Lees

[Photo of Alexandra Hutchison]Alexandra Hutchison
University of California

A Multi-Method Systematic Search for Non-Volcanic Tremor near the San Jacinto Fault
A. A. Hutchison, A. Ghosh

[Photo of Emily Kleber]Emily Kleber
Arizona State University

New High-Resolution Topographic Data and Updated Tectonic Geomorphology at Wheeler Ridge, California
E. J. Kleber, J. R. Arrowsmith, D. E. DeVecchio

[Photo of Qingkai Kong]Qingkai Kong
UC Berkeley

myShake – Building Smartphone Seismic Network
Q. Kong, R. Allen

[Photo of Jessie Mayor]Jessie Mayor
Université de Toulouse

CODA Quality Factor (Qc) Sensitivity Kernels in Scattering and Absorbing Media
J. Mayor, L. Margerin, M. Calvet

[Photo of Christopher Milliner]Christopher Milliner
University of Southern California

Is the Co-seismic Slip Distribution Fractal?
C. W. D. Milliner, C. Sammis, A. Allam, J. F. Dolan, J. Hollingsworth

[Photo of Jenny Nakai]Jenny Nakai
University of Colorado

Potential Induced Seismicity in the Raton Basin, Colorado and New Mexico, 2008-2009
J. S. Nakai, A. F. Sheehan, M. Weingarten, S. L. Bilek

[Photo of Cecilia Anyango Nyamwandha]Cecilia Anyango Nyamwandha
University of Memphis

Anisotropy Beneath the New Madrid Seismic Zone – A Study of Shear Wave Splitting
C. A. Nyamwandha, C. A. Powell

[Photo of Kenny Ryan]Kenny Ryan
University of California

Dynamic Models of Earthquakes and Tsunamis from Rupture on the Pitas Point and Lower Red Mountain Faults Offshore Ventura, California
K. J. Ryan, E. L. Geist, M. Barall, D. D. Oglesby

[Photo of Victoria Stevens]Victoria Stevens
California Institute of Technology

Interseismic Coupling on the Main Himalayan Thrust, Implications for Extreme Earthquakes
V. L. Stevens, J. P. H. Avouac

[Photo of Randi Walters]Randi Walters
Stanford University

Scientific Principles Affecting Protocols for Site-characterization and Risk Assessment Related to the Potential for Seismicity Triggered by Wastewater Injection and Hydraulic Fracturing
R. J. Walters, M. D. Zoback, J. W. Baker, G. C. Beroza

[Photo of Qimin Wu]Qimin Wu
Virginia Tech

Coulomb Stress Changes due to the 2011 Mw 5.8 Mineral, Virginia Earthquake
Q. Wu, M. C. Chapman