Student Presentation Awards

In order to help identify outstanding work by SSA student members, the SSA Board initiated the Student Presentation Award. The award is given for an excellent poster presentation or talk at each Annual Meeting. The award may be given to 0-15% of the presenting students at the meeting, based upon an absolute standard of excellence and criteria developed by the Student Presentation Subcommittee of the Honors Committee.

At the time of the presentation each award winner must be registered as a student and also must be a Student Member of SSA in good standing. All student presenters will be considered eligible for the award.

2017 Recipients

Niloufar Abolfathian (University of Southern California)
Spatio-Temporal Variations of Stress Parameters in the San Jacinto Fault Zone
Abolfathian, N., Martínez-Garzón, P., Ben-Zion, Y.

Karianne Bergen (Stanford University)
On the Use of Machine Learning for Seismic Event Detection
Bergen, K. J., Beroza, G. C.

David Castro Cruz (Cerema, Géoazur)
Seismic Non-Linear Behavoir of Soil Inferred by the Analysis of the Kik-Net Borehole Data
Castro Cruz, D., Bertrand, E., Régnier, J., Courboulex, F.

Phoebe DeVries
Harvard University
Geodetically-Constrained Viscoelastic Block Models and Time-Dependent Stress Transfer along the North Anatolian Fault
DeVries, P. R., Krastev, P., Meade, B. J.

Manuel Florez
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Constraining Earthquakes Source Properties Using Depth Phases
Florez, M. A., Prieto, G. A.

Alex Grant
University of Washington
The Impact of Rockfalls on Dwellings During the 2011 Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquakes
Grant, A., Wartman, J., Massey, C. I., Olsen, M. J., O’Banion, M., Motley, M.

Christie Hale
University of California, Berkeley
PEER PSHA Code Verification Project
Hale, C., Abrahamson, N. A., Bozorgnia, Y.

Lisa Linville
University of Utah
Identifying New Earthquake Templates Adds Valuable Information to Induced Seismicity Sequences
Linville, L. M., Pankow, K., Kilb, D. L., Rubinstein, J.

Molly Luginbuhl
University of California, Davis
Are Large Global Earthquakes Temporally Clustered?
Luginbuhl, M., Rundle, J. B., Turcotte, D. L.

Avinash Nayak
University of California, Berkeley
Diverse Seismic Signals Associated with the Sinkhole at Napoleonville Salt Dome, Louisiana
Nayak, A., Dreger, D. S.

Sunyoung Park
Harvard University
A New Approach to Constrain Near-Surface Seismic Structure Based Upon Body-Wave Polarization
Park, S., Ishii, M.

Grace Parker
University of California, Los Angeles
Recommended Central and Eastern North America Seismic Site Amplification Models for USGS Map Applications
Parker, G. A., Stewart, J. P., Harmon, J. A., Hashash, Y. M. A., Atkinson, G. M., Boore, D. M., Bozorgnia, Y., Darragh, R., Silva, W. J.

Leah Salditch
Northwestern University
Modeling Earthquake Clusters as Resulting From Long-Term Fault Memory
Salditch, L. M., Brooks, E. M., Stein, S., Spencer, B. D., Agnon, A.

Gregor Schweppe
Cologne University
The Ruin of the Roman Temple of Kedesh, Israel; Example of a Precariously Balanced Archaeological Structure Used as a Seismoscope
Schweppe, G., Hinzen, K. G., Marco, S., Reamer, S. K., Fischer, M.

Yumeng Tao
University of Texas at Austin
Insights into Small-Strain Damping from Borehole Array Recordings
Tao, Y., Rathje, E. M.

Daniel Trugman
University of California, San Diego
Examining Earthquake Source Properties and Scaling of Recent Seismicity in Southern Kansas
Trugman, D. T., Dougherty, S. L., Cochran, E. S., Shearer, P. M.

Ekaterina Tymofyeyeva
University of California, San Diego
Geodetic Evidence for a Blind Segment of the San Jacinto Fault
Tymofyeyeva, E., Fialko, Y.

Jagdish Chandra Vyas
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Mach Wave Coherence in the Presence of Source and Medium Heterogeneity
Vyas, J. C., Mai, P. M., Galis, M., Dunham, E. M., Imperatori, W.

Yongfei Wang
University of California, San Diego; San Diego State University
Pulse-Like Property and Complex Fault Geometry on Dynamic Rupture Models of the 2015 Mw7.8 Nepal Earthquake
Wang, Y., Day, S. M., Denolle, M.

Qimin Wu
Virginia Tech
Stress Drop and Source Scaling of Recent Earthquake Sequences in the Central and Eastern United States
Wu, Q., Chapman, M. C.