BSSA Call for Papers

Special Issue on Improving Measurements of Earthquake Source Parameters

The Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America (BSSA) is soliciting papers for a Special Issue on Improving Measurements of Earthquake Source Parameters.

Earthquake source parameters such as magnitude, seismic moment, source dimension, stress drop, and radiated energy are fundamental to understanding earthquake physics, and also key ingredients in earthquake ground motion modeling, rupture simulation and statistical seismology. However, the uncertainties in these parameters estimated from the radiated seismic wavefield are large due to variability in approaches, including site and attenuation characterization, and estimates for an individual earthquake made by different studies can vary greatly. The international SCEC/USGS Community Stress Drop Validation Study was designed to distinguish between estimates of source parameter variation resulting from real physical controls and from methodological artifacts, by inviting researchers to use a common dataset to independently estimate comparable measurements using a variety of methods.

BSSA welcomes contributions to the Special Issue that focus on source parameter estimation, including methods, uncertainties, and underlying physical mechanisms. In addition to work that is part of the ongoing community study, we solicit papers on methodological improvements to spectral and time-domain methods and novel approaches to infer source parameters including, but not limited to, seismic moments, source dimension and stress drop, directivity and finite-fault models. Collaborative comparisons of multiple techniques are especially encouraged.

Guest Editors for this Special Issue:

Deadline for Submission: 15 June 2024

Articles accepted to this BSSA Special Issue will be published online soon after acceptance and collectively in print in the February 2025 issue. Papers will be reviewed as they are received and published online prior to the print issue.

In preparing manuscripts, authors must follow the BSSA author guidelines at

Papers must be submitted via the BSSA online submission system ( under the category “Improving Measurements of Earthquake Source Parameters.”

Please address questions about scientific issues to the guest editors or BSSA Editor-in-Chief P. Martin Mai at  Submission-related questions should be addressed to the BSSA Editorial Office at