SRL Article Types

SRL publishes articles, columns, news, and other items of broad appeal to seismologists and earthquake engineers.  Those with asterisks (*) are exempt from page charges.

Articles (aka “regular SRL articles) comprise the bulk of SRL submissions. They are informational, timely, and appeal to a cross section interests within and tangental to the field of seismology. By-and-large these articles aren’t original research; articles documenting original research are better-suited for SRL’s sister journal, BSSA.

Eastern Section articles are published in SRL’s Eastern Section pages—a journal within a journal that is produced by the Eastern Section of the Seismological Society of America. Eastern Section articles focus specifically on the seismology of eastern and central North America and intraplate tectonics in general.

Focus Sections contain 6-8 related articles on a recent earthquake or a contemprary topic in seismology. Focus sections are proposed and led by guest editors.

Opinion* is the space where writers can express views about topics in seismology or seismological research.

Historical Seismologist* columns deal with historical earthquakes, archeoseismology, the history of seismology, and related topics.

Electronic Seismologist columns describe technology-driven seismological developments.

EduQuakes* columns highlight ways that seismology is being taught or used to educate students and/or the public.

Data Mine documents data collected through recent earth science experiments and tells readers how to access it. For more information, click here.

Earthquake Lites provide levity – comics, quips, anecdotes, brief stories or ironic discoveries – that contain some inside-seismology amusement.

Memorials* pay tribute to recently deceased persons whose lives and careers greatly impacted the seismological community.

Comments, Replies, Errata, Letters to the Editor, and Reviews are welcome.

Transitions briefly note changes for SSA members and others notables in seismology.

News and Notes carries information and updates for the SSA community.