Rights and Permissions

SSA Permissions Policy

SSA has partnered with Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) for the administration of permission requests. SSA is a signatory to the STM permissions guidelines, which encourage the granting of permission by one STM signatory publisher to another to reuse limited amounts of material from published works in future publications. Additional information on the STM permission guidelines and its signatories can be found at http://www.stm-assoc.org/copyright-legal-affairs/permissions/permissions-guidelines/.

Express written permission from SSA is not necessary and is granted free of charge under the following conditions:

  • Use of up to (3) three figures/tables/images from a journal article, but not more than (6) six figures/tables/images from an annual journal volume for republication in a journal or book chapter.
  • Use of text extracts of less than 400 (four hundred) words from a journal article, but not more than a total of 800 (eight hundred) words from a journal issue.
  • Use of a maximum of 30 (thirty) figures/tables/images from the Seismological Society of America’s journals in any given book, no matter how many authors, chapter contributors or volumes it has.

Permission to reuse content in excess of the limits stated above, other types of reuse of content (including digital products), and all commercial reuse of content from BSSA and SRL must be requested through CCC’s RightsLink service. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Locate the material online at https://pubs.geoscienceworld.org/bssa (BSSA) or https://pubs.geoscienceworld.org/srl (SRL).
  • Click on the “Request Permissions” link on the content you wish to use.
  • If you do not already have one, create a RightsLink account to complete your permission request and make payment (if necessary).
  • Select your requirements from the drop down options and submit your request.
  • Read and accept the Terms & Conditions.

Any modification of material beyond simple redrawing requires the permission of the author. Also, SSA can only grant permission for reuse for content copyrighted by the Society. SSA is not granting permission for reuse of any third-party material that may have been published in BSSA and SRL with permission from the copyright holder.

For information on posting BSSA and SRL papers on a personal website or institutional repository, please see the SSA Open Access Policy.

Authors may include their Accepted Manuscript as part of a grant application, submission of thesis, or dissertation without express written permission of the Society. For more information, see SSA’s Author Sharing Policy.

When reusing any content from BSSA or SRL please include the complete article citation: “Authors, Article Title, Journal Name, Volume Number, Page Number(s), Year, DOI, © Seismological Society of America.”

Content published in The Seismic Record (TSR) is published under a Creative Commons license which permits use, redistribution, and reproduction in any format provided the original work is properly cited. When reusing any content from TSR please include the complete article citation: “Authors, Article Title, Journal Name, Volume Number, Page Number(s), Year, DOI, © The Authors”

Questions? Contact nbroadbent@seismosoc.org.