Call for Papers: Historical Seismograms: Challenges and Successes in Preservation, Digitization, and (Re)Analysis

Seismology is now in an era where high-quality digital recordings are abundant and easily accessed. The digital era, however, encompasses only a small fraction of recorded seismic history.  The pre-digital era with recordings on paper, film and other media is much longer and important not only in studying phenomena over time but under new paradigms. Synthesizing information and data from the pre-digital era with modern analysis and modeling techniques presents new opportunities for discovery and learning.  However, these data cannot be fully exploited in their analog state.  Scanning and digitization technology have improved considerably in recent years but the digitization of large, analog datasets is challenging. At the same time, many of these valuable and fragile seismograms are under attack from natural deterioration and pressure to discard these vast collections. Strategies to preserve them are vital.

We invite papers covering all aspects of analog seismograms, including but not limited to, preserving and digitizing analog seismograph data, newly found treasure troves, the use of historical seismograms in exploring key questions regarding earthquake source processes and faulting, seismotectonics and seismic hazard, and efforts to develop durable and accessible archives.  We also welcome papers highlighting the use of historical seismic data to study other phenomena, such as slow slip events and tremor, explosions, induced seismicity, landslides, ambient noise, and tsunamis and new uses as they apply to the study of our changing planet.

Guest editors for this focus section are: 

Lorraine Hwang, University of California, Davis,
Diane Doser, University of Texas, El Paso,
Allison Bent, Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa,

Interested authors, please send inquiries and notices of intent to Allison Bent.

Important Dates:

Submission Deadline: 1 October 2019 (early submissions are encouraged and will be processed immediately upon submission)

Published Issue: SRL May-June 2020